Annual Report

“All of the work that restores, transforms, and prepares the girls of Our Little Roses to
be future leaders, teachers, professionals, mothers, and even small business owners is only possible through the dedicated and loving supporters of this unique ministry focusing on the girlchild at risk.”

-Dr. Diana Frade, Founder

The RT. Rev. Leo Frade
Chair, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Dear Friends,

Since my retirement I have been able to spend even more time at Our Little Roses in Honduras, and I have seen with my own eyes the incredible transformation of the girls as they become successful women with a joyful future.

I also came to fully realize the importance of your relationship with the Our Little Roses organization and with our girls. It is your devotion and generosity that have worked together with our staff to empower them and make possible all that has been accomplished.

These past two years were extremely difficult here in Honduras, but the girls were able to continue their studies, their health was protected, and their spiritual nourishment continued. They are thriving!

How is this possible? Be assured that it has been through your continued care. Your prayers, your love and your donations have had a positive impact on every one of our girls and on our ministry.

Be assured that YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!



Chair, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Wendy Bourgault
Executive Director,
Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Dear Friends,

2021 began with such hope…the hope that we would be putting COVID-19 in our rearview mirror. We made our plans to plunge back into life as we knew it. However, things rarely go as planned. I was looking forward to visiting churches and community groups and sharing my gratitude in person. While we’ve begun to do that, the truth is we must wait just a bit longer to get back to 100%. So, this year, in my message, I’d like to share just how blessed we are at Our Little Roses by the love and support we receive every day from you, our extended family.

I can honestly say that the time I spend speaking with you and learning how you first heard of Diana Frade and her amazing work in Honduras remains a cherished part of my day. Each conversation I have with you reminds me of just how much good there is in this world – from a supporter who has been sponsoring girls at Our Little Roses for 20 years, to a first-time donor who has given a gift in memory of a friend who loved this ministry. It is with a full heart that I share how much speaking with you all inspires me daily!

In this report, our goal is to shine a light on you, our supporters, and all that you have helped accomplish over the last 34 years. The relationships you’ve built, the programs you’ve supported and helped to grow… everything that makes up Our Little Roses has happened because you decided to reach out and create change.

I have faith that God will continue to bless this ministry through your love and support.

With warm regards,

Executive Director, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Our Little Roses Ministries

  • Mi Rincon Special Needs Education
  • Holy Family Bilingual School Daycare
  • Holy Family Bilingual School Pre-K-11
  • Madre Maria Luisa School Pre-K-11
  • Trade School (1-year program)
  • Technical School (2-year program)
  • University (2- or 4-year program)
Residential Girls Home

Providing Basic Needs:

Water, Food, Safety, Clothing, and Shelter


  • OLRM programming for the girls
  • OLRM programming for the girls and available to the community
  • External programs paid for by OLRM
  • Medical Clinic
  • Dental Care
  • Psychological Care
  • Eye Care
  • GYN Care
  • Chapel
  • Weekly Church Services
  • Community Service Through HFBS
  • Religious Instruction & Counseling
  • Woodworking
  • Mission Teams
  • English as a Second Language
  • Sports Activities
  • Positive Discipline
  • Poet in Residence
  • Schilling-Weeks Retreat Center
  • CCI – Arts and Dance

From the President/ Founder


Diana Frade

Our Little Roses Ministries

President and Founder

In 2021, Our Little Roses Ministries also saw the restarting of several important maintenance projects, including the renovation of the Transition Apartments for graduates of the university/technical degree programs and a new roof for the school and hospitality quarters. In addition, we oversaw the completion of a large water tower that allows our water to be supplied via gravity, saving the ministry the high costs of pumping the water from an underground cistern using electricity.

In terms of our programs, our supporters also made it possible to offer scholarships to Holy Family Bilingual School for children of Our Little Roses graduates, and to continue the beloved dance and art classes in the Cultural Center Institute.
In addition, your contributions provided laptop computers for our girls to receive virtual classes, new smart TVs for the classrooms at Holy Family Bilingual School and laptops for each teacher.

All that has been achieved in 2021 is only possible through the support of people like you who share in the vision and mission of the ministry. Blessings and gratitude to each of you for making Our Little Roses Ministries what it is today.

Faithfully in God’s Service,


Our Little Roses Ministries

President and Founder

2021 Financial Snapshot

**Based on unaudited numbers at time of print**


OLRFMS Expenses


"There are many types of families. I am part of a big extended family that consists of many people who are like uncles, aunts, grandparents, and others who, with time, become part of your life. The benefits that we have for having such a big family are that we receive love from each one of them. An extended family is always there for you, and they are all pieces that make up your heart."

– Mauda, University Student – OLRM

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