Annual Report

“All of the work that restores, transforms, and prepares the girls of Our Little Roses to
be future leaders, teachers, professionals, mothers, and even small business owners is only possible through the dedicated and loving supporters of this unique ministry focusing on the girlchild at risk.”

-Dr. Diana Frade, Founder


Bishop Leopold Frade
Chair, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Dear Friends,

Among the many blessings that our girls receive at Our Little Roses, through your help, is the gift of an education.

Knowledge is power and by providing a high quality education, our girls are transformed into self-sufficient and contributing members of the Honduran society.

After more than three decades we have made a substantial impact not only in their lives, but in the lives of the residents of our local community.

In 1998, Our Little Roses Ministries (OLRM) took on the challenge of starting our own school, an onsite bi-lingual school, where the girls could become fluent in English, therefore maximizing their education and employment prospects. The Holy Family Bilingual School was soon made available to local children and is now an integral part of the community, offering a superior education for grades pre-K through 11.

More recently, OLRM founded another educational initiative called Mi Rincón (My Corner). This program addresses the needs of young girls entering our home who have little or no formal education or who have been diagnosed with learning differences. Our goal is to meet girls where they are and give them the tools they need to be educated and productive citizens.

Your support of Our Little Roses Ministries makes a difference in the lives of the many girls in our care. With your help we are able to provide a life-changing education, one that allows each girl to reach her full potential, and for that we thank you.



Chair, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Wendy Bourgault
Executive Director,
Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter, we are just beginning a new decade full of renewed energy and excitement. It is exciting that we have welcomed six new girls to the family along with new staff in Miami and in Honduras. It is even more exciting to share that Diana and her team have new programs that include a system of Positive Discipline and Trauma Informed Care.

We are recommitted to Diana’s mission of empowering girls through education and love which is why we are focusing this report on education. All our school-aged girls now attend one of three quality educational programs. While these changes have grown our budget, we know that investing in educating girls is the key to transforming lives and communities for generations.

We are also faced with the challenge of gathering and understanding the right data as we work to measure our impact. We know that tracking this information is important – yet data tells only part of the story. I hope this report also shows the intangible impact that you, our sponsors and supporters, have on these girls.

The impact your love and support have on our girls is immeasurable – the seeds being planted are yielding an abundant harvest.

It is with a full heart that I thank you for your support of this ministry. I am proud to present this report to shine a light on the work you, with God's grace, have made possible.

Executive Director, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Enrichment Programs

Our onsite woodworking shop allows our girls to work with their hands to create beautiful pieces of art, some of which are available for sale to mission team visitors.
The health and well-being of our girls is the heart of our mission. Our girls stay fit while learning teamwork and cooperation through organized sports such as soccer, yoga, zumba, and more.
Mission teams from the U.S. visit OLRM throughout the year for a week full of games, work projects, learning activities and field trips - building strong relationships along the way.
CCI is an enrichment program in San Pedro Sula where many of our girls take classes in ballet, traditional Honduran folk dancing, art, or drama.
The Schilling-Weeks Retreat/Training Center
Our onsite woodworking shop allows our girls to work with their hands to create beautiful pieces of art, some of which are available for sale to mission team visitors.
Poet In Residence Fellowship Program
Each year a poet spends one month in residence continuing the study and writing of poetry that began in 2013 with Fr. Spencer Reece. Since its inception our girls and the students at HFBS have had the chance to study with artists from around the world.

Focus 2019: Rising the Bar on Education

“Our Little Roses is fortunate to be able to say that ALL of the girls are getting the highest quality educations that can be provided.”
– Dr. Diana Frade
Graduate High School
Enrolled in Tertiary Education
Graduated University
of Our Little Roses' university graduates go on to acquire a postgraduate degree.

2019 Financial Snapshot

Total expenses
**Based on unaudited numbers at time of print**

OLRFMS Expenses

OLRM Home Expenses


"On behalf of all of the girls and staff of Our Little Roses, thank you for your faithfulness and dedication that is making a profound difference for the future of Honduras. May God pour out an abundance of blessings on your lives and those of your family."
– Dr. Diana Frade, Founder

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