2018 Annual Report

“Over 31 years ago, Our Little Roses was only a dream and today we have seen the fruits of our labor in the countless girls whose lives have been transformed and changed, not only for them but for generations to come.”

-Dr. Diana Frade


Chair, Board of Directors

A Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends,

If you ask me to describe what one word describes Our Little Roses I would say: Transformation. I have seen how, over the  past 31 years, girls have been given love and care, fed and        educated allowing them to know that they are loved by God  and the people involved with Our Little Roses. Our girls began their own transformations through hard work availing them- selves to the many opportunities given them.

Let me tell you about Francis who came to OLR with her two older sisters. When Francis arrived, she was a shy 2-year old    girl willing to work hard who today is the coordinator of our    Home in San Pedro Sula. This achievement came through        Francis’ own hard work and dedication; she attended our bi-    lingual Holy Family School, graduated and then received her undergraduate degree at the university. She was hired to          teach at Holy Family Bilingual School and at the same time    continued her education, quickly earning a Master’s Degree    in School Psychology.  Transformation!

Francis is not an isolated case; other OLR girls have become    engineers, lawyers, dentists, social workers, teachers, business-women and homemakers.

All were transformed through the ministry of Our Little Roses aided by your love and    support.

I invite you to join us in making it possible for many more        Honduran girls to reach their goals, achieve personal success and become transformed.


Bishop Leopold Frade

Chair, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Executive Director

A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

How exciting it is to be writing a message to you in this, our    very first annual report!  I’m amazed that it’s been just 2 years since I joined the OLRFMS team. It has been a very                      exhilarating, humbling, and inspiring time for me.

2017 flew by as I spent time getting to know you!  Whether on the phone, connecting through emails, or coffee dates – my    goal was to learn what you love about this ministry.  The          mantra was – “How did you first come to know about Our       Little Roses?”.  I must admit, I was overwhelmed by the depth of your love for the girls and for the years of your commitment – 5, 10, 20, even 30 years!

2018 was a time for celebrating what Diana created in 1988;    our theme became “honoring our past, looking toward the      future”. We celebrated with another first, our 30th Anniversary Gala! It was an amazing evening full of music, laughter,              friends, and family.  We were able to celebrate all that you,      partnered with Diana and her team in Honduras, have              accomplished.  We celebrated the foundation created to          respond to what was missing in our girl’s lives; good food,        clean water, health care, education, and love, while looking      forward to what the next 30 years will bring.

With the future in mind we have worked tirelessly on a comp-lete website redesign, the E-newsletter, and sponsorship          program so that we may better focus on informing you of the cutting-edge work Diana and her team are doing at OLR,          including programs such as “Mi Rincon” (My Corner), our          special education program, the R.E.S.T. Program, our after-      school ESL program, and much more.

I’m honored to work on behalf of you, our valued supporters  who have the long-term vision to partner with us in our          mutual goal to help our girls thrive, relieved of the                        tremendous burden of poverty and guided by love.

Cheers to 30 more years!

Wendy Bourgault

Executive Director, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Our Impact

“In 1988, a mere handful of “Little Roses” were part of a dream; today more than 170 girls have been rescued and are now helping to transform Honduras, generation by generation.” – Dr. Diana Frade



23 girls participate in the English as a Second Language Program


23 OLR girls are enrolled in HFBS with 100% tuition sponsored; 90% of all HFBS students receive some assistance ranging from 10%-100%


High School

99% of OLR girls graduate High School versus the *25-65%* Honduran National Average



26% of OLR girls have graduated from Vocational/

Technical/Military Schools



20% have graduated from college/university, compared to the 10%Honduran National Average

Our Community

“Each girl is given the richest inheritance anyone can receive, an education that will equip her for life” – Dr. Diana Frade


Medical & Dental

A majority of the medical and dental needs of the home are covered through OLRM’s Medical Clinic and Dr. Jensy’s Dental Practice


2,004 Total  patients seen at Clinica Sagrada Familia

San Pedro Sula

86% of OLR alum live and work in the local community


Of the 225 total students enrolled at HFBS, 23 girls from Our Little Roses attend, while 202 students come from the local community


Mission Teams increase local revenue by approximately $70,000 while in country

2018 Financial Snapshot:

Total Revenue & Support: $1,610,460

Total Expenses: $1,386,704


**Based on unaudited numbers at time of print**


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“Our Little Roses never closes the book of the story of our girls until the last chapter is read because we can not imagine the seeds that have been planted when they leave the Home”

-Dr. Diana Frade


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