A Better Alternative to a 
Traditional Honduran Orphanage

A Better Alternative to a
Traditional Honduran Orphanage

A New Path for Orphaned Honduran Children

Our Little Roses is a children’s residential home that grew out of the need for an alternative to traditional Honduran orphanages.

Over the past three decades the international aid community has made progress in closing down failing orphanages around the world, but today there are still millions of vulnerable children caught up in orphanage systems that are terribly outdated — not just in appearance, but in approach as well.

Our Little Roses is a non-profit organization proud to be built upon a new model, one where Honduran children in need are put in a position to thrive and live happy, full lives.

Our Model

At the orphanages of yesterday, orphaned children were often either neglected or groomed for adoption to families in wealthier regions of Europe and North America.

At Our Little Roses, the goal is to equip the girls in our care with the knowledge and tools they need for a better future right here in Honduras within their local community and culture.


To achieve that goal, we provide our girls with:

  • A big extended family made up of fellow girls, volunteers, and sponsors
  • A secure and loving environment
  • Essential nourishment and medical care
  • All the educational support they need to succeed, including primary school, trade school, university, and professional training
  • Creative and extracurricular activities, including writing, art, dance, music, athletics, and more

All of the programs we offer are made possible through the support of generous donors, volunteers, and our sponsors.

Unlike traditional orphanages, each of the girls at Our Little Roses attend primary and secondary school with other children in the local community. While our educational partners – Escuela Madre Maria Luisa and Holy Family Bilingual School – are both private institutions, their learning environments allow for the girls’ knowledge to expand beyond the walls of our Home.

Also unlike traditional orphanages, the girls entrusted to Our Little Roses’ care are not forced to leave our Home at the age of 18. Our goal is to create elements of change within the local community to break the chains of generational poverty – we do this through the power of education. At the age of 18, and upon graduating with a high school diploma from our educational partners, we offer what is called the R.E.S.T. Program. The R.E.S.T. Program is a residential live/work-study program where the girls have the opportunity to continue their education by obtaining a post-secondary degree or attending vocational school, furthering their knowledge and opportunity to make an impact in the local community.

Our Values


Our Little Roses is a faith-based organization working to improve children’s lives in Honduras.


At Our Little Roses we know that to love we must know what it means to be loved.


Our Little Roses works with our supporters to bring justice to the lives of the girls we serve.


We focus on emphasizing that every human being deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

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