Our Little Roses is a family committed to improving the lives of women and girls in Honduras.

Our Little Roses is a family committed to improving the lives of women and girls in Honduras.

Our Mission

Our Little Roses is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to rescuing the girl child in Honduras from situations of risk, empowering and transforming them in a loving atmosphere of unity, respect, and security into successful women with moral and spiritual values strengthened through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our Little Roses Ministries is committed to preparing Honduran girls to be integral members of society by creating an atmosphere of love, self-reliance, and respect. Our Little Roses is further committed to strengthening the ministry by providing each girl the best education possible, bringing others to know its work by making it a model ministry surpassing its own boundaries.

Our Values


Our Little Roses is a faith-based organization working to improve children’s lives in Honduras.


At Our Little Roses we know that to love we must know what it means to be loved.


Our Little Roses works with our supporters to bring justice to the lives of the girls we serve.


We focus on emphasizing that every human being deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Our Facilities


How Your Contributions Are Spent

In 2017, generous gifts from people like you helped Our Little Roses give back in a big way.

Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society is a good steward of your dollars. We commit over 80% of our total expenditures to support the needs, programs, and services of the girls and ministry at Our Little Roses and the community the ministry serves in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Above all, we remain committed to empowering and transforming the lives of the nearly 70 girls who depend on Our Little Roses to provide them a safe, secure, and loving home.

Because of your support, girls rescued from abject poverty, neglect and abusive conditions are:

  • Kept safe and secure in a loving environment.
  • Provided essential nourishment, medical, and healthcare.
  • Educated to their fullest ability, including high school, trade school, university, and professional education programs.
  • Engaged in sports, art, dance, music, writing, and other extracurricular and creative activities.
  • Prepared and encouraged to live independent lives.
  • Grounded in the Christian faith and ecumenical values, respecting all and excluding none.

Want to visit our US office?

Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society, Inc. is based in Miami Shores, FL and was created to engage those who care about Our Little Roses Ministries, guarantee the ethical stewardship of gifts received, and provide opportunities to enhance the Ministry’s ability to give abused, abandoned and neglected girls the opportunity for a childhood that all girls deserve – protection from harm; a safe, healthy and loving home; a chance to learn; the dream of a future; and a foundation in faith.

Our office is located at Santa Cruz-Resurrection Episcopal Church, Miami Beach, Fla., which generously donates office space in support of this vital ministry. Contact us if you would like to visit:

Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society Santa Cruz-Resurrection Episcopal Church
11173 Griffing Blvd.
Biscayne Park, FL 33161

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