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Fun Fundraising Ideas

10 Fundraising Ideas to Support Our Little Roses

After learning about Our Little Roses and the touching stories of our girls, many people are eager to help. While individual donations and sponsorships are a big part of how we carry out our mission, fundraisers are just as important.

In fact, fundraisers provide a double benefit. In addition to supporting our operations, they raise awareness of our organization. That means more caring people will get involved and share our story!

If you’re thinking about organizing a fundraiser, we’ve gathered a little inspiration for you. Here are ten fun fundraising ideas and some tips on making the most of your event.

10 Fun Fundraising Ideas

1. Create Your Own Fundraiser Page

Rally your networks and reach your friends, family, colleagues, and community members with your very own fundraising campaign. With Network for Good, it’s super easy to set up your own Our Little Roses Fundraising page. Simply create an account, choose a pre-built template, customize your personal message and share! This is a great way to spread the word and help Our Little Roses gain more recurring donations.

2. Voices Beyond the Wall Film Screening

This award-winning documentary provides an opportunity to share the story of Our Little Roses through the eyes of our girls. As the trailer states, “Rescued from the streets of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, murder capital of the world, orphaned girls find their voices in poetry as they heal traumas of their past and prepare to transition to an uncertain future.” You could screen the documentary and have a conversation to follow. Set an admission fee and let attendees know that you’ll donate the proceeds to Our Little Roses.

3. Mother’s Day Rose Sale

Partner with a local florist to sell rose corsages for Mother’s Day. You could take orders a month in advance, giving you time to explain why you’re selling them and the symbolism of the rose. Combining your fundraiser with Mother’s Day is a poignant way to remember that many of these girls do not have mothers and are cared for by the loving women at Our Little Roses.

4. Holiday Gift Wrapping

Around the holidays, identify a large retailer like Target or a local mall where they’ll be plenty of shoppers. Ask if you can set up a table and offer “free” gift wrapping for a donation to Our Little Roses. Be sure to check if the retailer will donate the gift wrapping supplies. Create an eye-catching display so shoppers can learn more about Our Little Roses while they wait.

5. Springtime Tree Sapling Sale

Selling tree saplings is a great way to tie the story of Our Little Roses to your fundraiser. You could explain that each seedling is like a girl in the care of Our Little Roses. She needs a healthy environment and nurturing care to thrive. Check out the Arbor Day Foundation to purchase trees in bulk or partner with a local nursery. They might also be willing to sell them at their location, increasing your reach.

6. Used Book Sale

Since education is the cornerstone of Our Little Roses, organizing a used book sale is a perfect opportunity to promote the importance of girls education. Encourage your community to donate their used books and attend the event to purchase new ones. In addition to raising money through the book sales, you could also create a bookmark with information about Our Little Roses and give to each person who either donates or buys books.

7. Penny Drive or Penny War

No one thinks twice about dropping a few pennies into a donation jar, but with a few tweaks, you can make this fun fundraising idea into a great success. Make it visual by creating a container with lines that show what Our Little Roses can do with the money as it fills up. Create a competition between classrooms or sports teams. Have a party to count all the change once it’s full. See who can guess the amount! 

8. Give it Up for Lent Challenge

Since many of us give up something for Lent, challenge your friends and family to join you in donating the cost of whatever you give up (chocolate, coffee, etc.) toward Our Little Roses. This is a great fundraiser to publicize at your congregation or faith group. Have a final event where you share the proceeds you’ve collected and ask participants to reflect on their experience.

9. International Food Festival

Invite your community to an international food festival. You can charge an entrance fee and offer samples of everything. Or, ask local restaurants to donate all or some of their proceeds. Be sure to have some authentic Honduran cuisine and perhaps a cooking demonstration! This will help your community connect with Honduran culture and Our Little Roses.

10. 10,000 Steps Challenge

Encourage your network of friends and family to join you in a 10,000 Steps Challenge. This is an ideal fundraiser for schools or workplaces. Team members pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day over a specific time frame in exchange for sponsorships. You can purchase pedometers or ask your employer or school to pay for them as a sponsor of the event. The symbolism of taking one step after another also provides an opening for a discussion about how their contributions add up for Our Little Roses.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

A Mother’s Day Rose Sale will make a lasting impression on both the giver and receiver. Sharing our story is just as important as raising funds.

4  Tips for a Great Fundraiser

1. Choose the Right Fundraiser

If one of the ideas above isn’t a good fit, contact us to learn what other Our Little Roses supporters have done in the past. We can share a long list of fun fundraising ideas from our creative members and what was involved in making them happen. If you’re working with a group, you could also have a brainstorming session to come up with the best ideas.

2.Rally Your Networks

You’re part of more networks than you probably realize. Just one connection in each of your circles can have a significant impact. Reach out to all of them, whether it’s friends and family, your work colleagues, people on your sports team, a Facebook group, or members of your congregation, and let them know you’re hosting a fundraiser for Our Little Roses.

3. Go Online

Expand your reach with social media. Our Little Roses has an easy-to-use fundraising platform where you can create your own page and share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This makes it simple and safe for your friends and family to make a donation online. 

4. Become an Expert

Our Little Roses has many resources to help you tell our story. Here are a few:


Be sure to watch Voices Beyond the Wall, which offers viewers a closer exploration of life at Our Little Roses. This will help you share our story and encourage others to support our mission.


Have these ten fun fundraising ideas sparked your creativity? We hope so! Bring your enthusiasm, and we’ll help you make it happen. Contact us to learn more about fundraising and get started.