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3 Reasons Why Female Empowerment Organizations Are Needed

Did you know that female empowerment organizations benefit everybody? Similar to feminism, these groups are often misinterpreted because of their focus on uplifting and empowering women. In response, a lot of people will say, “Well, what about men?” instead of focusing on the fact that society already empowers men in a number of ways.

The number one reason why these organizations are necessary comes down to the fact that many women face scrutiny, shame, and prejudice just because they are women.

While one of the main goals of female empowerment organizations is to remind women of their worth, these organizations also strive to improve society as a whole. So how exactly does female empowerment benefit everyone in society? Let’s explore that idea more closely! 

How These Organizations Can Benefit Everyone in Society 

Without women, society is incomplete. So, it only makes sense to uplift the women around us. The same sentiment rings true when talking about men, but the fact of the matter is that oftentimes, men are already viewed as more important than women due to outdated societal standards.

It is all about raising women to believe that they are equal to their male counterparts. Similar to the expression teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, when you teach girls that they deserve to feel empowered, they will carry that message with them everywhere they go. 

Women offer different outlooks on life than their male counterparts due to their diverse perspectives which are based on experience; female empowerment organizations bring this truth to light. When women are uplifted, they give back to the world by fulfilling roles, getting jobs, and working for equality on a global scale. 

Let’s take a look at three reasons why organizations that empower women are a necessity. 

How Female Empowerment Improves Quality of Life 

1. These Organizations Encourage Education

In poverty-stricken places like Honduras, educational opportunities are rare for women and come with many obstacles. The education of boys is prioritized over girls, meaning a lot of young girls grow up without the ability to become educated. School prepares children for a lifetime of opportunities, but when young girls are taken out of school, their chances of succeeding in the future are cut short. 

A lot of lower-income families take their daughters out of school so that the young girls can help out around the house. As beneficial as women are in the household, caring for everyone in the home should not be the responsibility of young girls, as they deserve the opportunity to flourish outside of domestic roles, including the ability to garner an education as well. 

In developed countries, forcing young girls to withdraw from school and work at home is illegal and considered a form of child abuse. The gap between the education of boys and the education of girls is tremendous, and feminist organizations seek to resolve the disproportion. Education is the key to breaking the chains of generational poverty for young girls everywhere. We know that when a girl is educated, her entire family rises in prosperity. 

Female empowerment organizations like Our Little Roses make sure the girls entrusted to their care receive the best education available. At Our Little Roses, we focus so intently on educating our girls because we believe educated women are the backbone of society. When girls receive access to educational opportunities, they are rescued from poverty and a more sustainable life becomes more obtainable. We offer education to all of our girls, girls who would have otherwise not been afforded their chance at any form of education. We also provide each of the girls the opportunity to learn in a bilingual environment with a staff of teachers who genuinely want to see our girls thrive. 

We provide schooling from daycare all the way through university or technical schools. Through these opportunities, 99% percent of the girls enrolled in Our Little Roses educational programs graduate high school, which is well above the national average. In Honduras, only 25% to 65% of girls receive a high school diploma. After graduating, about 64% of the OLR girls attend college, compared to the country’s average of 26%.

2. Girls Are Inspired to Contribute to Society 

Groups that fight for gender equality also ignite a spark in young girls, which makes them want to give back to society. When girls are supported, it completely changes their entire lives. In turn, their gratitude for the organizations that uplifted them will cause them to want to do the same for other girls. 

This creates a cycle of women giving back by uplifting the girls in their lives. For example, a young girl who experienced the benefits of female empowerment organizations might go on to either volunteer for a similar organization or create one of her own. At Our Little Roses, we have been able to see this first hand through our alum who have graduated from our programming and returned to begin sponsoring other girls in our home so that they are then afforded the same opportunities they were! 

The girls grow up seeing strong women becoming change-makers for their families and communities as the entire administrative staff consists of strong, independent, Honduran women who lead by example.

3. These Organizations Uplift Female Voices 

Similar to the way female empowerment groups inspire girls to engage in society, they also show women that their voices matter. When you are part of a marginalized group, it can often feel like your voice is being silenced. 

But female voices deserve to be heard, and that’s one of the most beautiful aspects of female empowerment. The entire premise of the feminism movement is to remind women that they are just as worthy of being listened to as men are. 

All it takes is for someone to believe in these young girls and listen to them. From there, these girls end up developing confidence in themselves, and they learn to speak up about what they believe in because their voices are powerful. 

Our Little Roses Empowers Girls Every Single Day 

Women with fists up in the air

Through female empowerment organizations like Our Little Roses, we are able to elevate the voices of women and work toward equality and positive change. Our entire mission is founded on the premise of gender equality, particularly the empowerment of women in Honduras. 

Did you know that the poverty rate in Honduras is one of the highest in the world? About 60% of all people in Honduras live in poverty, making it harder than it should be to experience a high quality of life. At Our Little Roses, we take Honduran girls under our wings and provide them with the five necessities of life, including housing, food, water, healthcare, and access to education, all in an environment of love and respect. 

Through the classes we provide to girls at Our Little Roses, we teach young Honduran women to reach for the stars and never let their gender stand in the way of chasing after their dreams. In a country that prioritizes the education of young boys over the safety of girls, we strive for gender equality and the fight for women’s rights. 

If you believe in the power of organizations like Our Little Roses, we would love to have you on our team as a donor or a sponsor

Sponsors and donors alike make it possible for OLR to continue the fight for gender equality. If you have any questions about how to get involved at Our Little Roses, contact us today!