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4 Easy Ways to Support Charities for Children

Every year, approximately six out of ten families in the United States donate to a charity or non-profit organization. It’s incredible that so many people (more than half of US households) selflessly donate portions of their income to organizations that rely on others’ generosity to continue their programming. Even though people understand that their donations make a difference, not everyone realizes just how simple and convenient donating to charities for children can be now

4 Easy Ways that You Can Support Children’s Charities Like Our Little Roses 


Many people would love to support charities for children, but the concept of support is very vague, so they don’t know where to start. Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, supporting charities for children looks a little different for the time being. 

Even so, there are four main ways that you can support charities even during a pandemic, including:  

  1. Sponsorships
  2. Donations 
  3. Fundraising 
  4. Volunteering

1. Sponsor a Girl in Need 

Have you ever considered becoming a sponsor? Sponsorships are one of the most powerful ways of supporting charities for children.

At organizations like Our Little Roses, sponsorships are unique and mean you sign up to support one of the girls in our care by becoming a lifeline to her and Our Little Roses as a whole. By sponsoring a girl at OLR, you are directly supporting her development, education and ultimately improving her quality of life and future. You also get to know the organization on a deeper level and each of the 65+ girls we serve.

2. Make Donations

Donations are another significant way that you can support charities like Our Little Roses. If signing up to sponsor an individual girl is not within your means at the moment, you can choose to donate instead – every penny goes a long way. 

Usually, charities for children will offer two choices for donors. You can send in a one-time donation or sign up to donate consistently; whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or annually it’s up to you! No matter which option you select, the amount of money you donate is your choice. 

3. Create a Campaign to Raise Funds for a Charity of Your Choice

Donating is a fantastic way to impact charities directly. Money opens the doors to opportunities, so naturally, sending your money to non-profit organizations will support them in multiple ways.

However, not everyone can afford to part with their money to support charities, which is okay. It’s a privilege to have a surplus of funds, so if making a direct contribution is not possible for you, there are plenty of other ways to help financially, including becoming a fundraiser! 

Have you considered raising funds in your community and then donating the money you raise to an organization you care about deeply? Fundraising is an incredible alternative to making a direct contribution yourself! 

Start by encouraging people in your area to donate anything that they can afford to give to the cause. Once you finish raising money for the charity of your choice, you can send the money you all collectively pooled together. 

4. Offer to Volunteer for a Charity You Are Passionate About

Supporting charities for children doesn’t only involve monetary aspects. Giving your time is also a way of showing your support. 

While the pandemic has paused in-person volunteer opportunities, there are still many ways to get involved virtually. Often, charities for children host virtual sponsorship events, which allow for creative ways to do good for the community – from the comfort of your home! 

How Does Your Contribution Help Organizations Like OLR? 


Donating to non-profit charities and signing up as a sponsor for organizations not only makes you feel good, it gives you a purpose outside of yourself, which is a fantastic feeling. Plus, you get to live with the knowledge that you’re helping children in dire need, who may not have had the opportunities given to them otherwise. 

But the positive outcomes of donating to charities are not limited to how they make people who donate feel. These donations create a world of difference for organizations like Our Little Roses. 

After all, without the kind and altruistic donations from people like you, charities like OLR would not have the ability to offer the educational and housing programs that the young Honduran girls so desperately need.

To give you a glimpse into the power of supporting charities for children, we want to show you the ways that our organization has changed the lives of many Honduran girls with the help of generous donations from supporters like you. 

Our Little Roses can offer a Residential Girls Home where our girls receive food, safety, clothing, and shelter because of supporters and sponsors in the community. In addition to housing, other opportunities are made available to the girls due to sponsors and donors, including expressive arts therapies, sports, and so much more. 

The four ministries of education, medical care, enrichment programs, and spiritual opportunities are possible because of the people who want to support our mission. Without support from people like you, Our Little Roses would not have a 99% high school graduation rate, among many other impressive statistics. 

Become a Sponsor at OLR Today!


adult holding child's hands in field background

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of a girl at OLR? We would love to have you on board! At Our Little Roses, we have a three-tier system. For $60 per month, you are single-handedly providing a girl with the necessities of life, like housing, healthcare, food, and water. 

For an additional $10, a monthly donation of $70 helps us provide an education for a girl at OLR. The third option is to donate $200 per month, known as our university sponsorship tier. 

For a monthly donation of $200, a girl at Our Little Roses can pursue a college degree. Higher education is the ultimate goal for all of our girls because it keeps our girls traveling on the path to success and breaking the generational poverty chains. 

If you are interested in learning more, please read more about our sponsorship program. If any questions come to mind, contact us, and we will respond to you shortly!