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4 Ways That Child Sponsorship Makes a Meaningful Impact

At Our Little Roses, child sponsorship is at the heart of our organization. Through the generous support of our sponsors and donors, we are able to provide housing, education, basic care, and a supportive environment to young Honduran girls that are in need. Our sponsors make it possible for Our Little Roses to continue to help the 60+ girls entrusted to our care on an ongoing basis. Child sponsorship makes a meaningful impact not only on the girls we help but on the community as well.

We are here today to explain how sponsoring a child works, as well as the 4 ways that a sponsorship massively benefits both children and the community around them. Let’s start with a glimpse into how child sponsorship changes the lives of children at Our Little Roses! 

How Child Sponsorship Changes Lives

Child sponsorship through a reputable organization can be life-changing, especially in developing countries like Honduras. At Our Little Roses, we understand that children are vulnerable, and when they do not have supportive adults in their lives, it can lead them down a path with no direction. 

This often results in children making risky decisions because they don’t have guidance from loved ones or positive influences to keep them on the path to success. But when children are taken under the wing of people who want to see them thrive, it’s an entirely different story!

When you build up the confidence of young people, especially young girls, you end up simultaneously investing in the community. Supporting children changes individual lives and gives those children the tools to create generational change, along with the ability to support the communities that uplifted them. 

4 Ways that Child Sponsorship Benefits Children and the Community 

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There is an endless number of positive reasons in support of sponsoring a child, including: 

  1. Sponsoring children gives them hope
  2. Education Sponsorships make learning opportunities possible
  3. Sponsorships empower children to succeed
  4. Sponsoring a child helps build the local community 

1. Sponsoring Children Gives Them Hope

The girls of Our Little Roses come from difficult situations that result in deep-seated trauma, which can be emotionally draining. There is a strong emotional element tied into child sponsorships through Our Little Roses because sponsors become part of each child’s extended family, helping these children feel like they matter and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

When children are sponsored by people who believe in them, they are filled with hope. There is a world of difference between feeling like you are all alone in the world and feeling supported. Sponsors at Our Little Roses are encouraged to build relationships with their sponsored child through visiting our Home, writing letters, or even being part of a virtual mission team! This helps each of the girls feel supported and grow in an environment of love and respect, where they may have not previously been afforded that opportunity had it not been for child sponsorship.

2. Education Sponsorships Make Learning Opportunities Possible 

On top of fulfilling the emotional support aspect for sponsored children, people who sign up as an education sponsor to a child through Our Little Roses are also making school attendance possible! For many kids in low-income and impoverished areas in the world, especially young girls, school is something they could only dream of attending. But with the help of education sponsorships, attending school becomes a reality. 

At Our Little Roses, we believe that knowledge is power. By providing the girls at OLR with a high quality education, our girls receive the tools and support they need to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Through our various educational programs, including our Holy Family Bilingual School, special-needs educational program (Mi Rincón), and our ESL and R.E.S.T. programs (among others), our girls get the proper education to fit their individual needs, and it’s all thanks to our incredible sponsors. The gift of education can never be taken away. 

By becoming an education sponsor, you are providing a girl with the key to breaking the chains of generational poverty.

3. Sponsorships Empower Children to Succeed

You would be amazed by the amount of confidence children develop when they receive basic care, education, and housing. Not only do sponsors help improve the lifestyles of the children they invest in through a reputable organization like Our Little Roses, but these sponsorships also change the outlook that these children have. 

Instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from or finding somewhere to sleep for the night, the sponsored children can focus on their education, planning for their futures, and dreaming about who they want to be someday. Having these basic needs met, along with emotional support, empowers children to pursue their passions and create a bright future for themselves.

4. Sponsoring a Child Helps Build the Local Community

Coming full circle, when you sponsor a child, you sponsor the community because the two are connected. Children are the future, so sponsoring a child automatically benefits the community for all of these reasons combined. Especially at Our Little Roses, when each girl graduates from their designated programs, they are then prepared with the tools they need to go into the workforce and enhance the world and communities they live in, all because a sponsor believed in them and invested in their future. 

How to Sponsor a Child at Our Little Roses

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Are you interested in sponsoring a child at Our Little Roses? If so, we are so appreciative of your generosity and kind heart. At Our Little Roses, sponsorships are the most impactful way that people like you can help us enrich the lives of the Honduran girls in our care. 

Through your sponsorship, we are able to provide and care for young girls that wouldn’t have had the opportunities that we present, including access to adequate housing, nutritious meals, healthcare, educational opportunities, and so much more.

Our Little Roses provides sponsors like you with the option to access a sponsors-only portion of the website that allows you to keep up-to-date with how our girls are doing! It’s our way of adding a personal touch to the experience and saying thank you to all of our sponsors. We have three different sponsorship options, and it’s entirely up to you which type of sponsorship you decide to fund. 

If you have any questions about how to sponsor a girl at Our Little Roses, take a look at our FAQs page to see if your question has an answer! For more specific inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you about child sponsorship opportunities at Our Little Roses.