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6 Ideas for Fundraising & Charity Events to Benefit Our Little Roses

Organizing charity events to help advocate and fundraise for your favorite charities/organizations is one of the most rewarding ways you can help make a difference in the lives of others. Though the majority of in-person events are not possible at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your fundraising, and we’re here to give you some fun ideas!

At Our Little Roses, we are grateful to see supporters organizing fundraising and outreach events used to garner support for our mission. Virtual events like Get Moving for OLR, where you can walk, run, or cycle your way to the virtual finish line, are just the start of what we hope to see in the future.

Non-profit organizations around the globe are pivoting to virtual fundraising events in today’s ever-changing world. These events make advocating for and donating to your favorite causes easier than ever with convenient online information, one-click donation forms, and being able to participate from the comfort of your own home or neighborhood!

Wondering how to start your own event? Keep reading to find out 6 ideas for charity events to benefit Our Little Roses!

1. Virtual Marathon

Run for Our Little Roses, an annual run (2019) organized by one of our supporters in California

Virtual marathons are great events to raise funds and awareness for Our Little Roses! Think of these events like the real events that so many flock to. You can set up a donor page and choose the distance that your supporters will run, or give options of a couple of distances.

When setting up this type of virtual fundraiser, you can encourage participants to pay a fee to join your event and then let them know that all or part of the proceeds will go to support Our Little Roses’ mission. If you’d like to get creative, you could even develop a runners bib, t-shirt, or medal for each of the participants! Virtual races have exploded in popularity in recent months with some, like the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee even bringing in over a million dollars!

Imagine setting up your own fun run event with online donations that could really make a difference in each of the lives of the girls of Our Little Roses. Your friends and family could help you raise money while also getting healthy and fit themselves.

2. Social Media Garage Sale

Woman holding a box of used clothing.

We know a lot of us have been doing some much-needed Spring (and Summer, and Fall) cleaning while adhering to the various stay at home orders issued throughout this time of the global pandemic. But even in these uncertain times, you can still hold a garage sale to get rid of items around your house that you no longer need. Simply take pictures of the items for sale, set your prices, and post those pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or your favorite social media page!

You can easily customize your very own fundraising page to accept donations and have people pick up their purchased items right from your front porch! For an extra fun garage sale, pick a few items that people can choose their donation amount for. You will be impressed by the generosity of your family, friends, and colleagues for sure.

3. Sponsored Online Art Event

Your fundraising events don’t need to be limited to only fitness-focused events, you can create art sponsorship events and connect with your friends and family. Whether it’s through creating a challenge and sponsoring an art piece to be made in a certain period of time (this can be a day or a week – whatever you choose!) or through creating an online auction event, you can get as creative as you like!

You can create an online auction and have your friends and family bid on original works of art that you or your friends make. You have the option to do the auction through video (try Facebook or Instagram Live!) or create a webpage that allows bidders to purchase their item of choice directly.

4. Virtual Dance-A-Thon

If jogging and walking challenges aren’t really your thing, you can host an online dance-a-thon! You can create teams between friends and family or have individual dancers take on the challenge! This is a fun way to exercise, spend time with loved ones safely from a distance, and raise money for a good cause. 

First, you’ll need to decide how long the challenge will be, most dance-a-thons last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours! Then, coordinate who will be on each team (if you choose to do teams) and set up a Skype, Google Hangout, or Zoom call so everyone can watch your sweet dance moves. 

If your dance-a-thon is over a longer period of time, you may want to come up with some incentives to get people dancing through the night! Don’t forget to have your family, friends, and colleagues pledge a certain amount of dollars for every hour (or half-hour) danced – the longer the last dancer lasts, the more money raised! 

You can even make it so that when someone drops out of the dance-a-thon because of sore feet, they give a set donation of $25 or $50. And finally, finding or curating the perfect playlist will really amp up the fun for your family, friends, colleagues, and of course, you!

5. Virtual Fitness Challenge Events

Have a big fitness goal that you would like to do while helping Our Little Roses? You can use this goal to have people sponsor you as a fundraiser. One of our very own Ambassadors Council Members, Lawrence Mazuchoswki, is taking on a 105 kilometer bike ride as a part of his Get Moving challenge!

This is a fun and easy way for people who already support you to learn about why you support Our Little Roses, and donate to our mission, all while also supporting your fitness goals. Customize your personal fundraising page so people can sponsor one mile or kilometer of your event.

Get Moving for Our Little Roses” virtual challenge is happening now through August 29th, but you can set up your own event as well! This event allows participants to commit to completing a predefined distance in their choice of events! By purchasing a ticket, you are donating to Our Little Roses and committing to your own challenge distance.

Choices of events include:

  • Challenge Walk – committing to a minimum 5k Distance
  • Challenge Run – committing to a minimum 10k Distance
  • Challenge Cycle – committing to a minimum 30k Distance
  • Challenge Swim – committing to a minimum 3k Distance

Each event has a $35 ticket price, but you can choose to donate more as well. These are fun mini-events that anyone can sign up for and complete at their own pace. What a fun way to support Our Little Roses right from the comfort of your own neighborhood!

6. Facebook Family Weekend Fun

Want to get out of the house this weekend, but also raise awareness and some money for Our Little Roses throughout this time of the pandemic? Make your own family fun run or walk event that your followers can support. Maybe you want to build an obstacle course in your backyard? Or hike to the park that is ten miles from your home?

With one simple Facebook post and a link to your Our Little Roses fundraising page, you can turn your weekend fun into a fantastic fundraising opportunity.

Charity events and fundraising events for Our Little Roses can be anything you want them to be. We love hearing your ideas and will support you in setting up your own virtual event page for your family and friends to get in on the action! Have an idea you want to take nation-wide? Contact us today by emailing!

Parent holding child's hands

Whether you choose to create your own event, participate in our “Get Moving for Our Little Roses” event, or sponsor a girl, we are incredibly grateful for your donations and effort to make a difference in these girls’ lives! Your kind gestures and participation give us the tools to empower these girls to become confident, independent leaders in their communities and lead happy lives.

Contact us today to get started making a difference in the lives of the children at Our Little Roses!