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Annual Fund Story: How OLR Saved Baby Maya

Every year, Our Little Roses shares a particular story to provide you with an inside look at the lives of the girls who find a sanctuary at Our Little Roses. This is our Annual Fund story which gives our extended Family members the opportunity to learn how child sponsorship programs through Our Little Roses make our mission and vision possible.  


The girls we welcome into Our Little Roses often come from homes that are not well suited for children. Whether it’s intentional mistreatment or accidental neglect, there are many instances in Honduras where baby girls are born into households that are not able to provide them with adequate care. 


At Our Little Roses, our mission is to step in and provide a home for young girls who otherwise would not get to experience what it’s like to grow up with educational opportunities or healthcare, let alone food, water, and basic necessities. But we can’t do it alone. 


Our Little Roses is a non-profit organization, meaning we thrive off of the donations and sponsorships of our donors and sponsors alike. Through frequent donations and our child sponsorship programs, little girls like baby Maya are rescued, cared for, and given the tools needed for a lifetime of success. 


As the name suggests, we run an Annual Fund Campaign every year, but this year is extra special. One of our incredible extended Family Members, a supporter just like you,  is willing to match every dollar we raise, up to $50,000! This is incredible because that amount of money can significantly benefit the girls at OLR.


Today, we would like to tell you the story of baby Maya and how she arrived at Our Little Roses. Her story parallels the stories of many other girls here at OLR, and as you learn about Maya, you’ll gain a better understanding of how Our Little Roses gives girls in Honduras a better life through your continued support!   

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Who is Baby Maya?


The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in every country all over the globe, and Honduras was no exception to the viral outbreak. But even though the novel coronavirus threatened the lives of everyone across the world, the efforts of Our Little Roses were never put on pause. 


By incorporating COVID safety measures and following protocols, we were able to continue helping girls in Honduras. In fact, in 2020, there was a young girl by the name of Maya whom the State Child Welfare Department of Honduras asked Our Little Roses to rescue. 


Maya was not the first baby we have welcomed to OLR, but her case was one of the more challenging cases that we had seen. For starters, when OLR coordinator, Katy, arrived at Maya’s place of residence, she was met with a little girl who was clearly not receiving adequate food or water. 


Not only was she malnourished but Maya was also suffering from developmental delays, causing her spinal cord to be disfigured. Instead of being straight up and down, her backbone was angled forward, which made it so that both her head and her body were leaning forward as well. 


Unfortunately for Maya, she was born to a woman who wasn’t able to care for her properly, which resulted in Maya never sleeping in her own crib or feeling safe in her own home. We knew that we had the resources at Our Little Roses to provide Maya with a loving and nurturing environment where she could heal from her fear of people and loud noises. 


Upon arriving at OLR with Katy, Maya was instantly showered in affection and met with smiling faces. Instead of letting fate have its way with Maya, she was rescued from the streets of Honduras, which is no place for a child, let alone a baby. 


After being brought to OLR, Maya received proper medical care from Dr. Tony at the Holy Family Medical Clinic. The first plan of action was to focus on treating Maya’s malnutrition, which was causing her to feel weak. 


Maya’s doctors provided her with a specially formulated milk that was designed to reverse the caloric deficit Maya was so accustomed to. The doctors also worked on treating her for parasites, which were putting Maya through horrible diarrhea and coughing fits. 


Maya was only six months old, but even so, she wasn’t able to do what most six-month-olds can do. For instance, she couldn’t crawl like most babies can at her age, nor could she sit up by herself. 


As a result, her team of doctors decided that physical therapy was the best course of action to take so that Maya could catch up developmentally and learn how to be physically independent over time. Our Little Roses has a Daycare Center, which is run by a woman named Isabel. 


Isabel met with Dr. Tony from the Holy Family Medical Clinic, and he taught her how to care for Maya by showing Isabel the various physical therapy exercises that Maya needed to practice regularly. From there, Maya was able to come home to OLR and practice her physical therapy exercises with Isabel, which yielded impeccable results. 


As of today, Maya is one year old, and unlike six months ago, she can not only sit and crawl on her own, but she can also walk and run! Her improvement has been incredible to see, but we wouldn’t have been able to turn Maya’s life around without the help of people just like you! 


By becoming part of our child sponsorship programs, you can help us continue to help girls in Honduras, just like our donors and sponsors helped us rescue baby Maya and restore her to good health. 

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Child Sponsorship Programs: How You Can Help OLR


At Our Little Roses, our mission is to empower women and improve the lives of young girls living in Honduras. There are so many little girls like baby Maya who aren’t being properly cared for in Honduras, and Our Little Roses strives to make a difference in the lives of as many girls as we possibly can. 


By combining the powers of faith, love, justice, and respect, we work to set young girls in Honduras up for a future of success, opportunities, and happiness. Feel free to learn more about what we do


If you are interested in our child sponsorship programs or you’d like to get involved with donations, we invite you to learn more about becoming a sponsor or a donor of Our Little Roses!