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traditional music of Honduras
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Honduran Culture: Traditional Music of Honduras

In the heart of Central America lies a country rich in history, diversity, and a musical heritage that resonates through the ages. Welcome to the enchanting world of Honduran culture, where the vibrant tapestry of traditions is interwoven with traditional music's captivating rhythms ...

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The Importance of Healthcare for Young Women

In the heart of Central America lies Honduras, a country of vibrant culture and untamed beauty. As the sun rises over the lush landscapes, it brings with it the promise of a new day, but for many young women in this nation, it also highlights the pressing need for improved ...

Trade Jobs For Women in Honduras
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The Best Trade Jobs For Women in Honduras

In recent years, Latin America has witnessed a significant shift towards inclusivity and gender equality, empowering women to take charge of their professional lives and excel in various sectors. Within this evolving landscape, the Honduran government has been committed to providing ...

Education For Girls in Honduras
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The Importance of Education For Girls in Honduras

Our Little Roses is dedicated to shedding light on the pressing issues faced by girls in Honduras and advocating for their empowerment through education. In this blog, we delve into the critical topic of the importance of education for girls in Honduras, recognizing that quality ...

Pentecost Sunday 2023

What is Pentecost Sunday?

As Pentecost Sunday 2023 approaches, Christians worldwide are preparing to commemorate a significant event in their faith's history. This sacred occasion, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, holds great importance for believers as they don white garments and gather in Western ...

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – Breaking The Chains of Generational Poverty

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate and honor the mother figures in our lives. This day can feel bittersweet for many children living in extreme poverty. It serves as a reminder of the challenges they face in breaking free from the cycle of generational poverty that has plagued their ...

Charity Ambassador for Our Little Roses
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Join the Ambassadors Council of Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Before becoming a Charity Ambassador, I first visited Our Little Roses as a college student in my final semester. I loved OLR and Honduras and imagined plans of returning regularly. It wasn’t until almost 10 years later, in 2020, when I applied and became a member of the recently ...

Story of Easter

The Story of Easter

The Story of Easter is the true story of Jesus Christ's resurrection, which is celebrated as a Christian holiday. The Easter story begins with Jesus being arrested by the Jewish leaders, who accused him of blasphemy and inciting rebellion against the Roman Empire. He was sentenced to ...

Easter reflection

Rev. Lizzie Robbins Easter Reflection at Our Little Roses

As we approach Easter, it is essential to reflect on women's central role in the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rev. Lizzie Robbins recently shared her thoughts on this topic, highlighting the double standard that has historically been placed on women and the significance of ...