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Pentecost 2024
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Pentecost 2024: Embracing the Power of the Holy Spirit

As the Christian community eagerly anticipates Pentecost 2024, reflections deepen on this event’s transformative power, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Pentecost transcends being merely a historic observance to become a dynamic celebration that profoundly influences ...

Month of Mary
Mother's Day

May: Celebrating the Month of Mary

Today we delve into the significance of May as the "Month of Mary." This time of the year is exceptionally special within the Catholic Church as it is dedicated to Marian devotion. Devotees and believers honor the Virgin Mary, revered not only as the Mother of God but also as the ...

Volunteer Month 2024
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Join Us in Celebration: A Guide to Getting Involved During Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month, a time when we celebrate the dedication to volunteering that enhances our vibrant communities. At Our Little Roses, we are excited to guide you through various volunteer opportunities that not only allow you to make a positive impact but also ...

Family Charity Activities
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Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving: Family-Focused Charity Activities

At Our Little Roses, we believe that teaching kids the joy of giving is a vital part of nurturing compassionate and socially responsible individuals. In a world where millions of children face challenges like food insecurity, lack of clean water, and limited access to education, it's ...

Is Valentine’s Day Christian?
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Love Blooms: A Christian Perspective on Valentine’s Day

February brings with it the thought of Cupid's arrow striking people until they fall in love. Valentine's Day is upon us and that means we need to consider how we celebrate and where exactly our traditions come from. Is Valentine's Day Christian and should we recognize and celebrate ...

international day of education
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Our Little Roses Celebrates International Day of Education

As we embark on a journey to celebrate the International Day of Education, we at Our Little Roses are excited to shed light on the crucial role of education in shaping the future of Honduras. Nestled in the heart of Latin America, Honduras faces unique challenges and opportunities on ...

How To Celebrate Giving Tuesday 2023
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How To Celebrate Giving Tuesday 2023

Our Little Roses is excited to be part of the Giving Tuesday movement in 2023, continuing the tradition of radical generosity and spreading the spirit of giving back during the holiday season. As we delve into the essence of Giving Tuesday, we recognize the vital role of nonprofit ...

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Breaking the Chains: How Our Little Roses is Combating Human Trafficking in Honduras

In the heart of Central America, nestled amidst the bustling city of San Pedro Sula, a dark and sinister underbelly plagues the region—human trafficking in Honduras. For years, this covert and heinous trade has thrived, preying on the vulnerable, and exploiting the innocence of ...

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What is All Saint’s Day?

In the tapestry of religious observances and traditions that adorn the calendar, one day stands out with solemnity and reverence: All Saint's Day. As we embark on this exploration of "What Is All Saint's Day," we invite you to join us on a journey through time and faith, as we ...