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holidays in honduras semana morazanica
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Semana Morazánica in Honduras

During the month of October, three holidays in Honduras were once celebrated individually: 

Honduran Soldier’s Day (Oct. 3)
Columbus Day, also known as "Dia de la Raza", or “Day of the Race” (Oct. 12)
Armed Forces Day (Oct. 21). 

In 2014, however, that all changed. The ...

Honduras Independence Day
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Our Little Roses Celebrates Independence Day in Honduras

September 15 is a day of national pride for all Hondurans. It marks the 201st anniversary of their independence from Spain. Our Little Roses would like to celebrate with you! 

In this post, we will talk about the history of Honduras’ Independence Day, how we celebrate it, and how ...

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Our Little Roses Celebrates Third-Annual Let’s Get Moving Virtual Event

Every August, Our Little Roses, or OLR, prepares to get up, get out, and get moving through our liveliest event of the season! 

This year we’re celebrating our third annual Let’s Get Moving (LGM) virtual event. LGM helps us to stay connected as a community while staying healthy ...

girls playing with hollahoops
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5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Active this Summer

Physical activities are an important part of children’s development. Children need to engage in activities that keep them physically active every day because exercise helps them improve coordination, flexibility, balance, and, in general, their gross motor skills, among many other ...

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Benefits Of Developing Vocational Skills In Young Girls

There are many benefits of developing vocational skills in young girls. Not only will they learn valuable life skills, but they will also build confidence and self-esteem. Vocational skills also teach responsibility, discipline, self-reliance, and perseverance. These skills help them ...

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Embracing Cultural Identity in Children Through Food

“Safer food, better health” is the moto of the World Health Organization for World Food Safety Day 2022 celebrated on June 7th, 2022!  Providing access to safe food is one of the key reasons why Our Little Roses in San Pedro Sula began 35 years ago.  Food also has a much ...

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Largest Summer Festival in Honduras- Feria Juniana

Feria Juniana - The biggest festival in San Pedro Sula
Honduras is a country rich in tradition and folklore, and Hondurans are proud of their culture and history. Their rich traditions include Mayan influence, Spanish colonization, African influences, and indigenous customs.

Portrait of a cheerful young woman in a hard hat smiling happily looking at the camera while confidently posing in the production workshop
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How does international labor day affect women

Happy May Day to all of our dear OLR family, friends, and community across the globe. As we rejoice in the beauty of spring, blessed by the joy of Easter, we can’t help to wonder how fast time flies! To start the month we have none other than May Day, a day celebrated everywhere in ...

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day at Our Little Roses

At Our Little Roses we love good mothers – but not Mother’s Day. Here’s why…
This is the time of year I become nostalgic about my childhood. Not only do memories of mom fill my thoughts, but also growing up with my sisters and brother, playing outside, riding our bicycles, walking ...