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Colorful Easter eggs placed on the grass
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Easter Sunday 2020: Celebrate With Our Little Roses

This year, Easter Sunday falls on Sunday, April 12th. Leading up to Easter Sunday 2020, there are 40 days of Lent (excluding Sundays), 7 of which are part of Holy Week. The Triduum begins with the evening service on Holy (Maudry) Thursday and continues with Good Friday, ending with ...

Nails and a crown of thorns on the rocky ground.
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How Our Little Roses Observes Holy Week 2020

As Lent moves into its last week, the Christian world starts to observe Holy Week. During Holy Week 2020 and Easter Day, many churches will see their biggest crowds. Even families who do not attend religious services on a regular basis will often make time to visit during Holy Week. ...

International Women’s Day group of women standing together in support.
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International Women’s Day: How Our Little Roses Empowers Women

Throughout the world, International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over one hundred years. Although the way it is celebrated has changed over the years, the meaning behind this thoughtful day has not. Celebrating and encouraging the achievements of young women is what Our Little ...

Lent is a very important time period for Christians.
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What is Lent? A Complete Guide by Our Little Roses

Every religion has its own seasons in the same way that every generic calendar year does. If you take a look at the month of February, you’ll stumble upon holidays such as Valentine’s Day and US Presidents' Day. 

However, these two examples are representative of global and ...

Ash Wednesday 2020
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Ash Wednesday 2020: How Our Little Roses is Celebrating

There are over 2 billion Christians in the world today, and Ash Wednesday is the start of one of the most important seasons in the Christian community. The first day of the Lenten season is named Ash Wednesday because Christians attend Mass and are marked with the sign of the cross ...

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Complete International Mission Trip Guide

The Significance of International Mission Trips
International mission trips are an opportunity unlike anything else. This is when a group of people, usually associated with a religion, travel to an international location with the sole intention of helping others who live in that ...

new year resolution
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Our New Year’s Resolution: Inspire and Give

Considerably one of the most meaningful transitions that we experience in life, the new year is a time of celebration. We look back at our past and how far we have come, and we zero in on the ways we can achieve our dreams in the upcoming year. 

With the onset of every new year, ...

advent season
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What Is Advent Season? A Closer Look at the Christian Tradition

What Is Advent Season? 
Advent Season is a very special time of year that sometimes gets lost in the bright lights of the Christmas season it precedes. The first day of Advent is the first day of a new Liturgical (or church) calendar and begins a four week period of preparation in ...

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How to Engage in Charitable Giving During the Holidays

The true spirit of the holiday season comes from giving thanks for what we have and lending a helping hand to those in need. There’s a remarkable power in this act of generosity -- for both the giver and receiver -- bringing people together, dissolving differences, and acknowledging ...