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Nuestras Pequeñas Rosas Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter
Diana's Corner

Our Little Roses continues to grow in strength, recognition and quality as a five-star organization.

This is really quite extraordinary, because many nongovernmental organizations do not continue after 10-15 years, mainly because of ...

Rose Garden

April Rose Garden


The spiritual growth of the girls at OLRM involves all of the celebrations of the Episcopal Church in order to keep alive the sacrifice of love that Jesus Christ made for humanity. The girls participated with devotion and ...

Rose Garden

March Rose Garden


Join us as we celebrate the precious gift of life! An invaluable gift of love was given to Baby Rose by the Board Members Carol and Cheri. A white warm and beautiful quilt that for 50 years has remained part of the Garrison Family now is warming Baby Rosa.


Rose Garden

February Rose Garden

Our Lord and Savior has blessed us with 30 years of love and success since Our Little Roses was founded. This month we are proud to unveil our new 30th anniversary logo!

The celebration continuess with this newsletter and some ways we are looking to keep you connected. We've added ...