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Before becoming a Charity Ambassador, I first visited Our Little Roses as a college student in my final semester. I loved OLR and Honduras and imagined plans of returning regularly. It wasn’t until almost 10 years later, in 2020, when I applied and became a member of the recently formed Ambassadors Council. Despite a busy schedule as a stay-at-home parent, I wanted to stay engaged with the world outside my small bubble.

As the new chair of the Ambassadors Council, I urge you to also consider supporting this transformative organization. One way to do this is by joining the Ambassadors Council or Young Professionals Committee, and visiting Honduras and Our Little Roses. This type of involvement allows you to engage on a deeper level by sharing your unique skills and talents, while learning about and growing the OLR network through outreach and fundraising opportunities. The Ambassadors Council has not only reconnected me to OLR, but to a multigenerational group of individuals from all over who share a common purpose: advocating for and supporting Our Little Roses.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more; we would love to hear from you!

A Visit to Our Little Roses

In 2022 the chair of the Ambassadors Council at the time, Larry, invited me to join his church group from Western New York on a trip to Our Little Roses. I leapt at the opportunity to finally return. As the trip approached; however, I began to feel some anxiety- as a result of the pandemic, it was my first time traveling away from my young children for longer than a couple of days. I felt embarrassed for feeling any nervousness- as a member of the AC, part of my role was to promote visiting OLR. After a reassuring conversation with Wendy, the Executive Director, and Larry, my excitement about the trip was reignited, and I shared a wonderful four days with Larry and his team, and the OLR family. I was also reminded that fear only creates barriers to connection. The vision of Our Little Roses creates change for girls and young women because it challenges that fear and focuses instead on building relationships. It is more than a home; it is an ever-growing community organization that reaches far beyond the residential doors in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 

The Girls of Our Little Roses

Before leaving in late September, I was also given a task from the Miami office: take pictures and video of some of the girls for digital quinceañera collages. Of course I had never met the girls on the list, and wasn’t sure I could match the quality of content provided as an example. Well, thank goodness for the girls. They were thrilled about the photoshoot, and took creative control. They recruited assistants, gathered flowers, decorated their hair, helped with poses, and tried out different lighting, backdrops, and filters. The result was a series of beautiful pictures which captured their authentic selves.

Later that week, we chaperoned a group to Diana’s pool, where we looked on as girls played in the water carefree, dSet featured imageid arts and crafts on the lawn, and watched videos together while lounging on the patio. We shared a meal together back at the home, and played soccer to burn off some energy before bed.

These are just snapshots, but they highlight that the girls and young women of Our Little Roses are compassionate, supportive, creative, independent, and resourceful. They are elementary students learning with their peers and happily playing, teenagers having fun, taking pictures with their friends, young adults with hopes and dreams, studying for university entrance exams. Because of Our Little Roses, they are also children who receive the love, care, and security all young people need and deserve to thrive.

I am humbled to be a small part of supporting Our Little Roses. It is a beacon of light in Honduras and beyond, and I encourage you to also consider joining the global OLR family.

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Become a charity ambassador for Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Our Ambassadors Council program offers a unique opportunity to build an ambassador relationship with the girls and young women at Our Little Roses and to shine a spotlight on the attention on children and the challenges they face. As a prospective ambassador, you can participate in the Ambassadors Council and help raise awareness and funds for this transformative organization. As a dedicated community ambassador, you can make a significant impact by sharing your unique skills and talents and contributing to outreach and fundraising opportunities. Our mission ambassadors play a crucial role in advocating for and supporting Our Little Roses, a home and community organization that provides love, care, and security to girls and young women in San Pedro Sula. Our group meets virtually every other month to learn and plan. Join us today and become part of the OLR family, where we work together to create change for those who need it most. 

Join our dedicated community of charitable ambassadors who support disadvantaged children in Honduras today.