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The Benefits of Going on a Mission Trip with Our Little Roses

Although most of us associate Christian mission trips with helping others, you’ll find that these experiences give back more than you could ever imagine. At Our Little Roses, we’ve seen friendships forged, faith strengthened, and perspectives forever changed.

Many of our mission teams return every year and have watched our girls transform from vulnerable little girls to strong young women. Mission trips are full of adventures, spiritual growth, and relationship building.

Interested in learning more? In today’s blog, we’ll share a bit more about what to expect while you stay with us and the benefits of going on a mission trip to Our Little Roses.

What to Expect on a Mission Trip to Our Little Roses

For those of you without any experience with Christian mission trips, it can feel a little intimidating. Most Americans have never visited an impoverished country or had personal experiences with cultures different from their own. But you can feel reassured that our staff will make sure you’re comfortable. Let’s walk through what you can expect.

Travel, Accommodations, and Food

When you land in San Pedro Sula, someone from our staff will be there to greet your group and transport you to the Our Little Roses campus in our vehicles. When we go on excursions you’ll be accompanied by one of our guards and another staff member.

Most groups stay in our on-site Mission Team B&B. This air-conditioned facility has four bedrooms with bunk beds which accommodate up to 35 guests. There are three bathrooms and the kitchen area includes a small refrigerator with water and snacks. It’s a cozy, safe space to unwind after the day’s activities.

You’re in for a treat when it comes to meal time! Breakfast includes fresh fruit, toast, and coffee, as well as the main dish. Lunch ranges from a typical hot, filling Honduran dish to a bountiful sandwich bar and delicious rolls from the bakery. Dinner is another time to taste the amazing Honduran cuisine coming from our experienced cooks.

Daily Activities

So, what will you do during your visit? We eat together, play together, and worship together! But most importantly, we learn what it means to have extended family from different places but with shared love.

To keep the girls on their regular schedule, we arrange for mission teams to plan activities for certain blocks of time. Check out a sample itinerary.

We’re always amazed at the creativity of our groups! We encourage you to interact with the girls by introducing them to activities such as crafts, singing, sports, and drama. Mission groups have acted out Bible stories, put on talent shows, gone swimming, had dance parties, and hosted a spa day. Run your ideas past us and we’ll help you plan fun events that the girls will love.

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The Benefits of Going on a Mission Trip

Christian mission trips offer a multitude of intangible benefits. At Our Little Roses, we work hard to make your experience as fulfilling as for our girls. Many of our visitors share their stories of transformation with us. We’ve gathered a few of the benefits they’ve experienced.

Deepened Gratitude

Stepping outside your normal experience will open your eyes to the blessings you may overlook every day. One of our mission members, Mary Clark sums it up well, “These girls are so joyful, despite the circumstances that brought them to the home. It makes you thankful for what you have and want to help change their circumstances in any way you can. It opened my eyes to not only how blessed I am, but how I could bless these little girls- whether it was my time, my support financially, or socially advocating for them.”

Lasting Connections

Even though many of our mission teams return, it’s not always feasible. But a short visit can forge incredible bonds that last years and years after their visit. We’ve seen it happen countless times. As one member says, “The girls gave me more than I could give. I loved them immediately and wholeheartedly.” Letters and gifts are always flowing back and forth across the ocean. And through our sponsorship program, members can join our extended family, giving Our Little Roses the financial resources needed to provide everything she needs, especially a quality education.

Strengthened Faith

Going on a mission trip is a brave step – both personally and spiritually. Getting on a plane for an unfamiliar country, meeting new people, making yourself vulnerable – these are scary things. And once you’ve done it, just imagine how you’ll feel when you’re back to regular life. Obstacles that seemed insurmountable will suddenly feel small. By stretching yourself, you’ll trust God more. You’ll begin to recognize the fearlessness that comes with that belief.

Expanded Perspective

Not only will you learn more about other cultures, but you’ll also gain wisdom and perspective from the girls themselves. Mission member Grace Daly traveled to Our Little Roses three times over the past 15 years, starting at age 10. She shares how the girls of Our Little Roses impacted her worldview. “The girls at OLR had a very different perspective on life than I did. They saw beauty in moments I would never have thought to see, and they ignored the things that didn’t matter. I carry this sentiment with me as an adult now 15 years after my first trip.”

Motivation to Serve

Christian mission trips offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in your faith by taking practical actions that align with Jesus’ teachings. You’ll be growing a compassionate heart by doing good works. Even if you consistently volunteer or offer help in your daily life, this is a major commitment – financially, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll find yourself eager to continue acting on your faith when you get home.

Ready to visit Our Little Roses? Our girls can’t wait to meet you! To learn more about going on a mission trip, fill out the mission information form and our staff will be in touch.