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Founder’s Day & 35th Anniversary

The Our Little Roses organization has always been oriented around the education of young girls. With education as the main priority, young girls in Honduras are offered the opportunity to learn with Our Little Roses. In the beginning, many girls who came to the Our Little Roses organization had little to no education. 

Given the circumstance of life in Honduras for many girls growing up in poverty, education is not a given. Many girls are either taken out of school or not enrolled at all because their families need help at home. So, children end up giving up on their own educational endeavors in favor of caring for household matters. 

On Jan. 25, 1988, our founder, Dr. Diana Dillenberger Frade’s dream of helping to change that reality came to life. She opened Our Little Roses in a rented, three-bedroom, two-bath house in San Pedro Sula. The home was named after Dr. Rosa Judith Cisneros, an

Episcopalian attorney and children’s rights champion who was killed on the steps of her

house in San Salvador, on Aug. 18, 1981.

Ten years after the founding date of Our Little Roses, a building that could house the ever-increasing number of girls seeking shelter was constructed. This 15,000-square-foot structure was officially named Mark 10:14, which Bishop Frade chose because of what this verse in the bible preaches. 

Mark 10:14 says, “Let the little children come unto me.” It’s a quote from Jesus himself, and it beautifully reflects the mission statement of Our Little Roses, not only then but now as well. 

But is education all that the Our Little Roses Organization offers? And what is the official mission of OLR? Today, we are here to explain the answers to these questions and more! 

The Mission of the Our Little Roses Organization

The mission of Our Little Roses has always been rooted in a genuine desire to bring more to the girls living in Honduras. In our own words, we are a family of people who are fully committed to bettering the lives of both young girls and women living in Honduras. Our goal is to be a soft landing place for these girls to experience a childhood that nurtures their hearts, minds, and spirits.

As a non-governmental organization, we make it a priority to rescue young girls from the pitfalls that pose a threat to women and girls in Honduras. Life as it currently stands is not set up in favor of girls or women, so we strive to provide them with access to resources they may not otherwise be able to obtain. 

Education at Our Little Roses

For instance, we place a major emphasis on education because not all girls are encouraged to attend school. This, in turn, takes away many potential opportunities for girls later on in life, so in order to set them up for long-term success, we create a curriculum that empowers girls to enjoy school and want to pursue higher education as well. 

Other Opportunities Available To Girls at Our Little Roses

Education is not the only opportunity that we extend to the girls and the women who come to call Our Little Roses home. Here are a few more resources available to girls at OLR!

  • Loving environment 
  • Essentials, like food and water 
  • Access to healthcare and medical attention 
  • Extra-curriculars, such as art, music, dance, and sports
  • Faith and religion 

Success Stories From Girls at OLR

We are endlessly proud of the girls who find support at Little Roses. Here are three notable success stories that we’d like to share with you.

Ana Ruth and Ana Cecilia

Ana Ruth and Ana Cecilia, the twin sisters who arrived as malnourished infants are thriving. When they were growing up at Our Little Roses they had the opportunity to visit St. Mark’s Episcopal School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, as part of a cultural exchange. The girls were chosen based on their academic achievements, maturity, and excellent behavior.

“I felt the butterflies in my stomach when the plane was taking off and then when it was landing,’’ Ana Ruth told the Rose Garden Newsletter. “This was an experience that I was waiting for and you just can only say to the other girls from OLR that they have to study hard and behave, so they can have this opportunity.’’

Josselyn, Raquel, Jensy, and Maricruz

In a country where higher education is often out of reach, many of our girls, through hard work and support are able to achieve this goal.  Josselyn, Raquel, Jensy, and Maricruz are four of those girls who have attended university. The list is much longer with the majority of the girls who graduate through the Our Little Roses program now attending university or technical programs.  


In June, Dayana graduated from Holy Family Bilingual school and is about to begin her university career. Through the generosity of our supporters, she is able to live in our REST Center.  This is a living/learning, work-study program that makes it possible for young women seeking higher education to remain on our safe campus while also living a more independent lifestyle in their own dorm-style apartments.  This is a crucial step in preparing the girls to eventually strike out on their own and be successful, independent members of society. 


How Can You Contribute to the Our Little Roses Organization?

As we begin our 35th year of ministry we are very proud to share that Our Little Roses is making a difference, one girl at a time through the support of people like you.

These girls, who began life with so many obstacles placed before them, have become  teachers, business executives, bakers and beauticians. They’re engineers, nurses, dancers and dentists. A generation of girls, educated and empowered, who believe in themselves, their faith and their futures.

Says Diana: “It’s really amazing. When you consider what the girls have been through in their lives, what abject poverty they have had to endure, and then for them to be able to come to Our Little Roses and develop their self-esteem and their imagination to see what they can be in life, and then to see them actually achieve their goals … It’s really a miracle. “

Today, we have a new generation of girls who we know will be as successful given the same chances that Ana Cecilia, Ana Ruth, Dayana, and so many others have had.

Are you interested in getting involved with Our Little Roses to join in the celebration of 35 years of ministry by ensuring this next generation of girls have access to education, nutrition, medical care and so much more? If you are looking to contribute to the mission of Our Little Roses, you can get involved in a myriad of ways. 

One of the most popular ways that people engage with the Our Little Roses organization and become part of the mission to improve the lives of girls in Honduras is by signing up as a donor. The kindness and generosity of our donors make it possible for us to feed, clothe, and educate young girls in Honduras, among other amazing endeavors. 

Donations are an amazing way to support Our Little Roses without overstretching yourself or giving more than you can afford. Every cent matters and every dollar counts, so anything you are able to donate is appreciated. 

Whether you want to sign up as an ongoing donor or make a singular donation, everyone at Our Little Roses appreciates your desire to help the girls in Honduras. In addition to making donations, you are always more than welcome to become a sponsor. 

The sponsorships offered by the Our Little Roses organization are centered around building and sustaining relationships between the girls at OLR and their sponsors. A sponsorship allows people like you to connect directly with one of the girls at OLR in a way that will change your life for the better. 

The relationship that grows between a girl and her sponsor is incredible. Prepare to have an experience that warms your heart and gives you hope all in one. But don’t worry! Not all engagement opportunities involve money. 

If you would like to support the Our Little Roses organization and make a difference in the lives of Honduran girls living at OLR, you are invited to volunteer with us. Just like sponsors and donors, volunteers create a space for young girls to feel cared about, understood, valued, and appreciated. 

While money is a necessary part of all operations given the way the world works, there is nothing quite as valuable as time. Choosing to spend your time with the girls at OLR is invaluable, and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity! While Covid concerns still make traveling to San Pedro Sula difficult, we are hopeful that will change soon and we will be welcoming volunteers again.  

If you have any questions about donating, sponsoring, or volunteering, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible. We look forward to answering your queries and addressing your concerns!