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Gender Inequality in Education: How You Can Make a Difference

The Current State of Gender Inequality in Honduras 

By definition, gender inequality is the concept that people are treated differently based on their gender. In general, gender inequality means that women are typically viewed as less than men, resulting in mistreatment in the forms of job discrimination, inequality in pay, and the suffering of livelihoods amongst women. In some of the most developed parts of the world, gender inequality still exists.

Unfortunately, in underdeveloped countries like Honduras, gender inequality is even more prevalent. The inequality women experience plays into the social expectations in Honduras. Women are expected to fulfill domestic roles, like housekeeping and cooking, rather than pursuing an education to fulfill roles outside of the home. 

Societies in which men work jobs and women stay home are viewed as patriarchal. Within the patriarchy, the education of Honduran boys is prioritized over education for girls. Not only is school considered more important for boys than girls, but jobs are also viewed as a masculine characteristic, so it’s not common for girls to be encouraged to find a job in these countries. 

Instead, girls are often taken out of school at a young age so that they can help mothers around the home while the boys in their families continue to receive an education. Thankfully, because of organizations like Our Little Roses, gender inequality in education is changing. Even so, it will take time, as undoing a deeply ingrained societal concept doesn’t happen overnight. 

How You Can Help Fight for Gender Equality in Education 

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Did you know you can help fight for gender equality in education just by being more intentional with your own words and behavior? These small steps outlined by the Global Partnership for Education are very important. The way you act will influence those around you as well, which creates a positive reaction of change.

In the fight for gender equality in education, we must challenge gender stereotypes. It starts by spreading the message that education is not a masculine trait. Instead, it must be viewed as a human right. Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue an education, no matter their ethnicity, race, or gender. 

Additionally, we must remind the women around us that they are worthy of the same treatment that men receive. Uplift the women in your life by encouraging them to stand up for what is right. 

Girls all over the world, even in the most developed countries, are often raised with the misunderstanding that they are not equal to men. These teachings can carry over into adulthood if they go uncorrected. When women are supported and given opportunities, they believe and begin to do better. 

Women who believe in themselves raise girls who also believe in themselves, and the cycle continues. This is the change we need to create among women everywhere and what Our Little Roses strives to achieve on a daily basis with each of the girls in our Home. 

Last but not least, correct the men in your life who express misogyny in their words and their actions. While it is not a woman’s duty to make men change, reminders can help them see where they are wrong. Gender inequality is deeply embedded in many societies and as a result, sometimes, people are not even aware that they are promoting inequality in the first place. 

The Many Ways We Help the Girls in Honduras

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At Our Little Roses, we make it our mission to empower girls and women in Honduras. We believe in the equality of all people, but since we are located in Honduras, we focus our resources on the girls who need the structure, education, and compassion to create a successful life. 

In Honduras alone, there are more than 4,800,000 people who live in poverty. That accounts for about sixty percent of the country’s entire population! With more than half of Honduras surviving below the poverty line, a lot of children go without their necessary needs being met. When you do not have access to clean drinking water, or you are not sure when you’ll be able to eat your next meal, it can be nearly impossible to focus on your education. 

Girls are automatically at a disadvantage in educational spaces simply because of their gender, especially in Honduras. We advocate for the girls in Honduras and strive to ensure that they receive a comprehensive and enriching education. Girls do not deserve to receive fewer educational opportunities simply because they are women.

On top of the gender bias in schools, unfortunately, girls in Honduras, especially those close to border cities, are targeted by human traffickers. In order to help as many girls as we can from the ever-present and horrifying sex trade, we begin with a basic but vital need – we provide Honduran girls with housing. 

Living on the streets is a dangerous game for children in Honduras, especially girls. Through our partnership with the Honduran Child Protective Services (DINAF), Our Little Roses provides a safe haven for girls that have come from dangerous areas and high rates of poverty. 

How to Directly Help Our Little Roses Fight to Reform Gender Inequality in Education

Not everyone can move to Central America and work at Our Little Roses, but many people still wonder if there are other ways they can help the girls in Honduras. We are so appreciative of everyone who asks how they can help promote the mission of OLR. 

Although far apart, there are several options for those of you eager to help Our Little Roses fight for gender equality in education! 

One option is to make a donation to Our Little Roses. Whether you are interested in being a monthly donor or you want to send a one-time donation, we cannot thank you enough for your selfless actions that help us provide an education to all of the girls in our program that may not have otherwise been afforded to them!

Another option is to become a sponsor. As an OLR sponsor, you can become directly involved in one, or all, of our girls’ lives. When it becomes safe to invite visitors into our home, you are welcome to visit the OLR home and get to know your sponsee, our wonderful staff, and all of the girls in our Home. Until then, sending letters to the girl you’re sponsoring is the best way to stay in contact with her! The bond between a sponsor and one of our girls is unbreakable. Your support will uplift her in a way that reminds her she deserves love and equality. 

Another way to get involved and help us in our fight for education equality is to become one of our OLR FUNdraisers! There are so many ways to help advocate for the girls of Our Little Roses and creating your very own fundraiser not only helps spread the word about the work we are doing to your family, friends, and colleagues but it helps us raise the funds we need to provide a high-quality education for each of the girls.

For additional information about Our Little Roses, read more about our mission. Feel free to contact us as well. We look forward to hearing from you!