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Give the Gift of Sponsorship

This time of year is crucial for child sponsorship programs. That’s because the holiday season is all about giving to others and loving one another. 


It all starts with Thanksgiving Day, where we’re reminded of the importance of gratitude in our lives. We recognize the power of focusing our attention on everything we have instead of what we lack more than ever. 


Now that the season of Christmas is upon us, people near and far are compiling lists for Santa, brainstorming what to buy for their loved ones, and figuring out how they plan to celebrate. The news has many of us stressed with warnings about how difficult it will be to get many “things” due to the supply chain issues being experienced worldwide. Maybe this year is the perfect year to think  about something different as a gift?  Could  this be the year to consider helping those who are in need during the holiday season? 


Child sponsorship programs are an excellent opportunity to express altruism in its purest form, by offering generosity to children who need it the most, and giving hope to kids who could really use some. At the same time – you will be relieved of having to worry if your gift will arrive in time! But what exactly are child sponsorship programs and where can you find organizations with child sponsorship programs? 

What Are Child Sponsorship Programs? 


A lot of people have a decent idea of what a child sponsorship is, but not everybody knows how to explain it in detail. But don’t worry! That’s what we’re here to do today. 


The name gives it away because a child sponsorship program is literally a program you can join if you want to sponsor a child. However, that’s only the beginning. 


You aren’t just someone sending money to an organization and hoping that the charity puts your money towards the child you’re sponsoring. Rather, child sponsorship programs offered by reputable and honest organizations prioritize the bond between the sponsors and the children they’re helping. 


Instead of sending money or gifts into the abyss, child sponsorship programs through organizations like Our Little Roses cultivate an environment in which you will get to know, interact with, and learn all about the child you’re sponsoring. Let’s take a closer look at how to give the gift of sponsorship with OLR! 

How to Give the Gift of Sponsorship with OLR


We always say that when you become a sponsor through Our Little Roses, you transform a girl’s entire life, but that’s not all. You also simultaneously change your own life, too! Sponsoring a child is a life-changing decision in only the best of ways. 


For no more than $2 per day, you’ll be giving a young girl in Honduras hope, which is irreplaceable, and you’ll feel so much joy in the process. There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others recognize their potential, feel capable of pursuing their dreams, and have he chance to connect with people who believe in them. 


It’s just like watching your friends or family members improve their lives for the better. After all, child sponsorship programs offer people the unmatched opportunity to cultivate relationships with the kids they sponsor, meaning you’ll get to learn about them and they’ll get to know you. 

How Do Child Sponsorship Programs at OLR Work?


Here’s how our child sponsorship program works! It all starts with understanding why child sponsorship programs are as impactful as everyone says they are. When you understand the importance behind child sponsorship programs, an already worthwhile opportunity becomes something that you can’t pass up.


This has everything to do with the way that child sponsorship programs with Our Little Roses give girls in Honduras a chance that they otherwise would not  have. In Honduras, poverty rates run rampant and a serious lack of abundance is prevalent all across the country. 


With such a lack of opportunity, many communities experience extreme poverty resulting in a high crime rate, instability, and desperation among those who live there. This situation causes oppression  throughout Honduras, causing illness and making it difficult for parents to give their children the lives they dream of all because they don’t have access to the resources that make dreams come true. 


In fact, many people in Honduras are unable to find water, food, shelter, or other basic necessities, let alone afford healthcare or education. So essentially, child sponsorship programs make it possible for children to have access to water, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, and more; providing a soft landing space for them to actually be a child!! 


That’s why the underlying element of child sponsorship programs is hope. Because of kind people like you, children who benefit from child sponsorship programs are able to access necessities that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, in addition to getting to know their sponsors and building relationships with people who are generously investing in them. 

What to Expect as a Sponsor Through OLR Child Sponsorship Programs


With Our Little Roses, you can expect to become part of a child’s extended family. You can visit the girls and write them letters among other interactive opportunities. We also have a family-only page that all of our sponsors can participate in and view whenever they’d like to. 


The page is a feature reserved for people who support girls at OLR. It’s yet another way we keep you connected with the girls you sponsor and ensure that you’re able to stay updated with their lives! 

Child Sponsorship Programs at Our Little Roses


Have you decided to participate in the child sponsorship programs offered through Our Little Roses? If so, we cannot thank you enough for your kindness! The girls at OLR are endlessly appreciative of your support, and the impact that our sponsors have on the lives of the girls in Honduras is unmatched. 


To get started with giving the gift of sponsorship with OLR, take a look at our resource page for all-things child sponsorship programs. You will find everything you need to know about the Our Little Roses child sponsorship program and more! 


But if you have any specific questions that you can’t find the answer to on our website, be sure to reach out to us via our contact page! We’re happy to help you and guide you along the process of getting involved with our child sponsorship programs


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