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Giving Tuesday 2020 at Our Little Roses

How You Can Get Involved

In early November, a massively powerful hurricane landed in various countries throughout Central America. Known as Hurricane Eta, this natural disaster was a Category 4 storm that injured many people, caused losses of life, and created a catastrophic amount of damage in Honduras. 

Our Little Roses’ staff members stand in the long list of people whose personal belongings have been destroyed, including their houses. For the time being, many OLR staff members live on-site in the transition apartments while they recover from the storm. 

There is never a good time to experience a Category 4 hurricane, but unfortunately, Hurricane Eta’s timing could not have been worse. See, this time of year, Our Little Roses participates in a global giving movement known as #GivingTuesday. 

Before we get into the details of the Giving Tuesday 2020 event, we want to emphasize that the money raised during #GivingTuesday is separate from the money we are fundraising for help with hurricane repairs. 

Even though Giving Tuesday 2020 might look a bit different compared to prior years, we are on a mission to keep our heads high and raise money for the girls at Our Little Roses. If you’re curious to see how #GivingTuesday played out in prior years, we invite you to look at the way we celebrated in 2019!

So, what is Giving Tuesday 2020? How are we adjusting our Giving Tuesday 2020 event in response to COVID-19? We’ll answer both of these questions for you, followed by a brief explanation about how you can get involved in Giving Tuesday 2020! 

What is #GivingTuesday? 

At Our Little Roses, we celebrate Giving Tuesday every year as a way to kick off our year-end fundraising campaign. However, this year, we’re hosting a Giving Tuesday campaign that means more to us now than ever before. This year’s #GiveItUp for #GivingTuesday campaign is a way for everyone to think about the 65+ girls in our care and Our Little Roses’ incredible staff, all of whom have had to give up so much this year. So we’re asking people to be more mindful about where their money goes throughout November and consider donating to help support OLR. 

Giving Tuesday is a celebratory movement that begins on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This year, Giving Tuesday 2020 will start on Tuesday, December 1st. The primary purpose of Giving Tuesday is to emphasize how positively donations can impact people in need. 

During the holiday season, we tend to focus on all of the deals that stores offer and think about everything we want to buy for ourselves, friends, and family. Giving Tuesday is a way of reminding us that donating to less fortunate people is worth prioritizing, too! 

Donations make a world of difference to those who rely on help from others, so Giving Tuesday encourages people all over the world to donate to charities, organizations, and communities. 

How We Are Adjusting #GivingTuesday in Response to COVID-19 

Since we are still amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to make sure our Giving Tuesday 2020 celebration complies with regulations keeping us all safe. So, instead of hosting any in-person gatherings, we are conducting everything online – including our first-ever Facebook Live Event with Our Little Roses’ Founder, Dr. Diana Frade, and her staff joining us from Honduras! 

We have set up an online donation page, “#GiveItUp for #GivingTuesday,” where you can manually select how much money you would like to donate. As part of this campaign, we’re asking everyone to think of all the things the girls of OLR and our staff have had to give up – time with their loved ones, in-person classes, and seeing visitors like you! So, we want you to give something up that you might have purchased this week and instead #GiveItUp for #GivingTuesday by donating the amount you would have spent to Our Little Roses instead. You can then let us know how many times you would like to donate your set amount, followed by the option to write a note or share your donation under your name! The best part about donating this year is that every donation – big or small – is getting matched! That means when you donate $5 it becomes $10 for Our Little Roses, $20 becomes $40, and $100 becomes $200; your gift is doubled throughout this campaign making your generosity go even further.

Last year, our Giving Tuesday 2019 event brought in more than $30,000, which allowed us to cover 26 OLR girls’ tuition fully. Additionally, the money raised from last year’s Giving Tuesday made it possible for 1,000 prescriptions to be fulfilled at our medical clinic, and we were able to serve over 2,000 nutritious meals for our girls.

These are such meaningful accomplishments that were all made possible because of donors and sponsors like you. We hope Giving Tuesday 2020 will be just as successful, if not more so! 

The Significance of Contributions by Donors and Sponsors

The contributions that are so generously given to us by donors and sponsors alike are incredibly significant for Our Little Roses. As a non-profit organization, Our Little Roses stays afloat because of donations from sponsors like you. 

Without the support of our community and people worldwide who believe in our mission, we would have a tough time doing what we do. That’s why we are endlessly grateful and appreciative of people who generously donate within their means to Our Little Roses. 

This year has not been a walk in the park for anybody, especially for those in need. From the outbreak of COVID-19 to the various tropical storm disasters like Hurricane Eta, young girls in Honduras have faced various difficult obstacles. At Our Little Roses, we make it a point to focus on all the good in the world, and our sponsors are the perfect reminder that there is hope.  

Become a Sponsor During #GivingTuesday! 

If you are interested in joining in our mission of empowering and transforming the lives of at-risk girls by becoming a supporter during the Giving Tuesday 2020 event, we cannot thank you enough for your selflessness and generosity. This time of year is all about pouring resources into communities that need help, and at Our Little Roses, your kindness is changing lives. 

For those who want to sign up to become a sponsor, we encourage you to read all about how it works when you sponsor a girl at OLR. We also offer the option of donations to those of you who would instead make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to Our Little Roses. 

This year has been unbelievably challenging, but the fact that OLR is still standing has been made possible by our wonderful donors. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many businesses and organizations to shut down, so we are blessed to have the support of you all during Giving Tuesday. 

Whether you donate to our mission or enroll in our sponsorship program, you play an active role in creating a better life for the young girls in Honduras. Your generosity does not go unnoticed, and we thank you so much for your kindness!