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Giving Tuesday 2022

Our Little Roses Celebrates Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday 2022 is upon us and it’s time to give back this holiday season. Join the radical generosity movement by giving to charities and fundraising campaigns that help millions of people less fortunate than yourself. 

The History of Giving Tuesday

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States was designated Giving Tuesday in 2012. It was created as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to give to others. This beautiful campaign has since gained global traction inspiring hundreds of millions of people to donate to the less fortunate. 

Henry Timms started it at the 92nd Street Y in New York. The co-founding organization was the United Nations Foundation, with support from BLK SHP (Black Sheep).

Since then, Giving Tuesday has built a global presence through 75 countries, spanning the world! Within a few years of Giving Tuesday being launched, organizations such as Facebook, Paypal, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were offering to match massive donations.

How to Celebrate Giving Tuesday 2022 and Other Holiday Charity Ideas

Potential donors are encouraged to assist in fundraising efforts and donate to their favorite nonprofits making a difference in their community. Peer-to-peer campaigns are especially popular on Giving Tuesday. People use social media platforms to raise funds from their friends and followers to donate to nonprofit organizations like Our Little Roses. Peer campaigns are an excellent way to tell your favorite nonprofit’s story as well as signal-boost the message behind Giving Tuesday 2022. 

Nonprofits, community organizations, grassroots groups, and mutual aid networks from all across the world take part in Giving Tuesday. You can donate to any of these organizations or volunteer your time to help in collaborative efforts to make their campaign a success. 

If you run a small business, consider partnering with a local organization or nonprofit and helping out in any way you can. This includes joining their fundraising team, donating products, and even giving your time to assist them in their causes. For example, you can find some inspiring case studies on the official website for Giving Tuesday!

Donate To Our Little Roses And Sponsor A Girl in Honduras for Giving Tuesday 2022!

We invite you to create a positive impact this season in a world driven by consumerism. Give back for Giving Tuesday 2022 by sponsoring a girl in Honduras. We have 65+ girls in our care and are actively improving their lives through faith, education, and healthcare that would otherwise be unavailable to them. 

Our mission is to empower the girls in our care, but what does that mean? Merriam-Webster defines empowerment as
“the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties”. To clarify, empowering a girl is no easy task, it means allowing her to discover that  SHE has the power within herself. At Our Little Roses, we realize that this begins with developing strong self-worth, learning that one is worthy of love, respect, and dignity. This can only be done through strong, loving relationships and access to education. 

We also know that educating a girl is a good investment.  In her paper “Educate The Women and You Change The World: Investing in The Education of Women is The Best Investment in a Country’s Growth and Development”, Leah Witcher Jackson Associate Dean and Professor of Law at Baylor University School of Law writes:

“Studies show that the investment in the education of women is effective in addressing poverty and extremism. Indeed, investment in women is perhaps the most effective and efficient mechanism for advancing a society’s development and growth.  Investment in the basic education of girls is unequivocally required. Investment in the higher education of women affords women the knowledge, skills, and confidence to advance more rapidly into leadership positions within government, business, and societies.”

We strive to ensure the girls in our care have the resources to become women who understand that they are valuable assets to their community. Can you help them too? Please sponsor a girl at Our Little Roses today, you can transform their lives and help them break free from the cycle of poverty and abuse. You can empower them to be all they can be – to imagine a life of unlimited possibilities.  Sponsorship through Our Little Roses is much more than financial support; it is an investment in a girl to build a relationship that lets her know she is seen, heard, known, and loved.

There are many ways you can join our movement to allow the girls in our care to realize a childhood without fear and suffering.  We are very excited to share that this Giving Tuesday 2022, November 29th at 6:30 EST we will be hosting a Facebook Live event.  Our Executive Director, Wendy Bourgault along with the Assistant to the Executive Director of Our Little Roses Ministries in San Pedro Sula, Ms. Mayra Arguelles, will be joined by four graduates of our program.  These young women will share how the sponsorship program impacted their lives and allowed them to obtain an education and the resources needed to become productive,  engaged women. 

Please join us, click here to R.S.V.P. today!  We also are overjoyed to share that every donation to the Our Little Roses 2022 #Giving Tuesday campaign will be matched – up to $10,000,

Contact Our Little Roses to find out more about how you can help and empower a girl today.