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The New girls of OLR: A Honduras Charity

Honduras Charity: Helping to Alleviate The Push to Migrate.

As we end the Christmas season and enter into the new year, many of us will do our best to keep a  focus in our lives on spreading hope and good cheer. In Honduras, this can be very difficult. The people of this beautiful country struggle daily due to circumstances that are largely out of their control. Circumstances like corruption in politics, wars in far-off countries, high homicide rates, and things that most people living in rural areas don’t even know about due to lack of infrastructure like the internet and access to electricity. Please donate to our Honduras Charity and sponsor a girl today,

The Plight Honduras Kids Face

In Honduras, more than 60 percent of people live below the poverty line and in rural areas, that rises to 65 percent. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere and the work we do is truly needed. This results in a situation where two-thirds of children face chronic malnutrition and lack access to clean water, sanitation, and education and less than half of Honduran children complete more than three years of education.

The plight of young girls in Honduras is twice as bad, due to gender inequality. Unfortunately, extreme poverty combined with high crime and gang violence leaves young girls at risk of human trafficking and abuse. Furthermore, they may often be pulled out of school to help with domestic chores.

Add to that the impact that the global pandemic and two hurricanes have had on the country and the situation gets clearer. So many children in poverty never had the chance to learn in a “virtual” classroom when their town has no access to the internet. That means that they are either years behind, or have missed their chance to finish school at all.

These circumstances are what we call “push” factors in migration. Situations that make families want to leave the country they know and love and move to a strange place. There are honduras charity organizations that are working to remove these factors. Charities that are working to help families get their children back to school.

education in Honduras

Breaking The Cycle of Poverty Through Education

Our Little Roses has been doing this work for over 35 years by providing a safe home for girls with no other place to grow up. But did you know that Holy Family Bilingual School, a part of the OLR ministry has been helping local families for years?

Holy Family Bilingual School  was highlighted as one of the few test schools to reopen after the pandemic. It took a lot of work but we were able to complete all of the needed renovations. These included adding a new safe water tank, additional hand washing stations, and more. Currently, we have over 300 children in our school, with most of them on sliding tuition scales. We also have a scholarship fund for the children of women who graduated from Our Little Roses Program that we are extremely proud of.  This program allows Our Little Roses to continue to help the women who grew up in our program – truly creating generational change..

The New girls of OLR: Honduras Charity

2022 has been a very busy year. Due to all of the factors we discussed above, we were asked to welcome SIX new girls to our family.

Two newborn babies arrived in January and March and have stolen the hearts of all the girls and staff alike. Both were rescued by the juvenile authorities from situations of risk, shortly after they were born, and were brought to Our Little Roses.

Thanks to people like you, Our Little Roses was able to provide the attention and care that a newborn needs to grow healthy and strong. YOU made it possible through your support to provide the special formulas that they needed, qualified staff to give 24-hour care, and the physical equipment like cribs and baby carriers to ensure the best care possible.

In February, we took in an eight-year-old, Sonya, who was also rescued from a vulnerable situation. Thankfully, she was able to continue her education through our special education school for those with learning disabilities.

March was particularly challenging with the addition of three new girls. As the family grows, Our Little Roses needs to keep up with the challenges before us, which include so much more than what meets the service. Yes, there are material things like making sure we have the basic accommodations needed and that we have the educational resources needed. But there is also the need for tender care as we work to gently help these children integrate into the Our Little Roses family. This often takes some time as well as medical and psychological care.

One of our new girls, Sandra, came from an isolated area of Honduras that is known for its jungle and uninhabited areas where they have their own language and culture. She did attend school, learning Spanish and her own language, but she did not remember the name of the school…

Fortunately, Sandra was able to be enrolled in a special government school, Manuel Bonilla, that is licensed to take in children who have had their education interrupted. Sandra, like the others in this system, do their classes in our special education school, MI RINCON, and are evaluated at the end of every grading period by the school where they’re enrolled. She is one of five little girls from Our Little Roses who are fortunate to be able to continue their studies under this system.

In fact, all these examples of our new Roses mentioned above — and those who have been with us for years — are the fortunate ones. They have been given the gifts of unconditional love and a quality education that are invaluable and geared to their needs.

Our biggest worry is the unexpected challenges children face that are impossible to plan for… the needs that crop up when the lives of children are suddenly put in our hands. Without your ongoing kindness, we simply wouldn’t have the resources to care for them.

Thank you for continuing to support this ministry through your financial resources that are needed to make Our Little Roses a beautiful garden of Roses of Hope, for the future of Honduras kids.

Honduras Charity

Our Little Roses: A Honduras Charity Worth Giving To

Our Little Roses is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing the girl child in Honduras from situations of risk, empowering and transforming them in a loving atmosphere of unity, respect, and security into successful women with moral and spiritual values strengthened through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. We look to make a positive impact on the community of San Pedro Sulas, Honduras and give these amazing children opportunities that never would have been available to them.

Have you decided to participate in the child sponsorship programs offered through Our Little Roses? If so, we cannot thank you enough for your kindness! The girls at OLR are endlessly appreciative of your support, and the impact that our sponsors have on the lives of the girls in Honduras is unmatched.

To get started with giving the gift of sponsorship with OLR, take a look at our resource page for more information. You will find everything you need to know about the Our Little Roses child sponsorship program and more!