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How Child Sponsorship Programs Help Reduce Poverty

Child sponsorship programs are one of the most pivotal ways to improve the lives of children living in poverty. In fact, child sponsorship programs help to significantly reduce poverty altogether. 


But how do child sponsorship programs help reduce poverty levels among children? And what are the overall benefits of child sponsorships for children? We’re going to take a look at the relationship between child sponsorship programs and child poverty rates. 


We’ll start by looking closely at life in Latin America and what child poverty is like for kids living under the poverty line in those countries. From there, we’ll focus on how sponsors can reduce the burden of child poverty for children in need. Let’s get started! 

Child Poverty in Latin America 


Before we can speak on child poverty in great detail, it helps to define what child poverty is in the first place. According to Compassion International, poverty is defined as an experience in which people have no choice but to survive on no more than $1.90 per day. 


But when it comes to child poverty, this definition is adjusted to include kids who come from families living at or below the poverty line of $1.90 per day. There’s a saying that states that money makes the world go round, and as unfortunate as it is, this is very true. 


Without money, resources are very limited and access to necessities becomes severely restricted. This means that basic needs, such as shelter, food, water, clothing, and healthcare, are difficult to come by for people who are living in poverty. 


On a global scale, nearly one in every three children  are living in poverty around the world. But in Latin America and Caribbean countries in particular, 81 million minors experience poverty according to information gathered by UNICEF, or the United Nations Children’s Fund. 


That’s where child sponsorship programs come into the picture! 

The Benefits of Child Sponsorship Programs for Children


According to Nirav Patel’s book, “Figure of the Week: Understanding Poverty in Africa,” child sponsorship programs are one of the most impactful ways to stop child poverty. As such, there are many benefits of child sponsorship programs for children. 


The main reason for this is that child sponsorship programs do not just funnel money into the lives of kids living in poverty. Rather, programs designed to sponsor children cultivate relationships between the children and the sponsors. 


By focusing on the relationship aspect of child sponsorship programs, children are put in a position where they are uplifted, supported, and best of all, believed in, which is something a lot of kids who don’t have many opportunities handed to them feel. 


Here are a few more benefits of child sponsorship programs for children:


  • Education and mentorship 
  • Healthcare opportunities 
  • Food, water, and other basic needs 
  • Encouragement to explore interests 
  • Extracurriculars and activities 
  • Faith-based guidance 


But how exactly do child sponsorship programs positively impact child poverty rates? And how can you get involved with reputable child sponsorship programs? We’ll explore the answers to these questions now! 

The Relationship Between Child Sponsorship Programs and Child Poverty Rates 


In order to understand how child sponsorship programs reduce poverty, let’s take a look at how sponsors can change the lives of kids in Honduras by working with Our Little Roses. At OLR, we focus on helping young girls living in poverty all over Honduras. 


Through our child sponsorship programs, you can assist a child in Honduras in the process of leaving a life of poverty and entering a world where abundance is obtainable. With Our Little Roses, you’ll not only financially contribute to these lives, but you become part of the life of the girl you’re sponsoring. 


In fact, child sponsorship programs allow sponsors to be involved to the point of writing letters to the girls, visiting them when possible, attending monumental moments in the girls’ lives, and so much more. The goal is to create a dynamic in which sponsors, or as we say our “extended family” are an integral part of the girls’ lives.  Dr. Diana Dillenberger Frade, the Founder of Our Little Roses, explains the importance of our girls having multiple sponsors; “It’s like having a big family, aunts, uncles, cousins, and godparents, Each member adds to the mix and teaches something new about life.”


It’s not just about giving money to children and pulling them out of the depths of poverty with monetary help alone, it’s a multifaceted approach that successfully reduces poverty by uplifting the girls in more ways than one. It is a way of empowering a child who grows in self esteem and self worth knowing they have many people who care about their wellbeing. 

How Can Sponsors Reduce the Burden of Child Poverty? 


When you sponsor a child, you are not only positively benefiting the life of that child but you’re also making a difference in the entire community. 


By giving a child hope and instilling opportunities in their lives that they otherwise wouldn’t have without you, you’re equipping the child with skills that they can take into the world and apply to the community. For example, sponsoring a child will likely allow them to earn an education. 


From there, they’ll be able to learn and then get a job instead of having to drop out of school to help their families at home – providing knowledge and stability. This is just one of many examples that show how child sponsorship programs benefit the children and the communities alike. 


Essentially, sponsors reduce the burden of child poverty by giving kids a chance to break out of poverty.  Children who are sponsored by giving and generous people like you are able to live a life where their needs are met rather than having to live without. 

Child Sponsorships with Our Little Roses 


Are you interested in sponsoring a child through Our Little Roses? If so, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity, kindness, and altruism. The girls at OLR are able to have a bright future because of people like you. 


Go ahead and take a closer look at the information about our sponsorship program. Feel free to check out our donation opportunities as an alternative, too. Make sure you contact us with any questions or concerns you have! We’re here to help!