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How Our Little Roses Observes Holy Week 2020

As Lent moves into its last week, the Christian world starts to observe Holy Week. During Holy Week 2020 and Easter Day, many churches will see their biggest crowds. Even families who do not attend religious services on a regular basis will often make time to visit during Holy Week.

There are many traditions around Holy Week and Easter Day, which can involve Easter egg hunting and large feasts with family. But, what is the deeper meaning of Holy Week and how is it observed with the girls at Our Little Roses?

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week is part of the Christian tradition of Easter and is observed during the week leading up to Easter Sunday. Holy Week has many important days recognized throughout the week, and each of these days is a chance for Christians to remember Jesus.

  • Palm Sunday – Sometimes also called Passion Sunday. This day reflects on Jesus’ arrival to Jerusalem before his crucifixion. The Bible describes palm leaves and clothes that are laid in Jesus’ path as he rode on a donkey. Palms are distributed and blessed during this service.
  • Maundy Thursday – Often referred to as Holy Thursday. Christians observe the Last Supper during this time. At the Last Supper Jesus spoke of communion. Some churches will hold a special service to commemorate this day during Holy Week. Many churches have a tradition that includes priests washing the feet of twelve people to symbolize Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.
  • Good Friday – This day is most well known among non-Christians and marks the day Jesus died on the cross. The somber day is often observed by fasting. Special services are held that often include praying at the Stations of the Cross.
  • Holy Saturday – Also referred to as Black Saturday. This is the day between Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. It’s the last day of Holy Week and Mass is not observed on this day, as the Church waits at the Lord’s tomb in prayer and fasting.

Easter Sunday is not considered to be part of Holy Week, as it is the start of the Eastertide season. It is the most important day of the year in most Christian churches. Easter morning is the remembrance of when Jesus’ tomb was rolled aside and he was found to have risen. 

Our Little Roses and Holy Week 2020

A tomb with an opening that reveals a sunrise with crosses in the distance.

From Ash Wednesday to Easter, the girls and staff at Our Little Roses are busy reflecting on this religious season. Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday and the blessing of the palms (which all the girls participate in). The procession outside with the Eucharist happens in the afternoon, where staff and the girls spend the afternoon in thoughtful appreciation for the day.

After the blessing of the palms, the girls are treated to three days of relaxation and fun. It is a time year when the girls have free time from their studies and are able to fully relax. Staff supervises participation in crafts and outdoor activities like swimming and hiking.

When Good Friday arrives, the girls share their crafts and illustrations of the Stations of the Cross. They set their drawings around a set of alters on the perimeter of the buildings. As evening takes over, the girls take turns reading meditations and finally we wrap up the night inside the chapel.

On Saturday, the girls participate in the Veneration of the Cross ceremony. The cross from Good Friday is laid onto the ground and candles are placed all around it. The candles represent transgressions of their prayers, but the girls also love to watch the lights flicker from the candles.

By Easter Sunday, everyone is so excited to observe the day. Reflecting on the Resurrection of Christ is what the true meaning of Easter is! The girls learn more and more about this important day every year they are with Our Little Roses.

Holy Week 2020 in Honduras

In Honduras, most employees get at least a couple of days off during Holy Week. Schools are closed and although it is certainly a week of reflection and praying, it is also an important time for people to bond. 

Throughout the week there are often religious processions with bright painted images of saints from a variety of churches in the country. Each church and family tend to wrap up their own traditions. Honduras has a fantastic mix of these for anyone who wants to observe Holy Week in the midst of Christians who are dedicated to Jesus Christ.

How You Can Help Make Holy Week Special

A sunrise and cross shining through open palms.

You can support the girls at Our Little Roses any time of the year, but during Holy Week it’s an extra-special time. While reflecting on the Resurrection of Christ, we welcome you to be part of the extended family to all of the girls. As a sponsor, we love when you send letters or even visit the home to build a connection with the girls.

The story of Our Little Roses is an Easter story; our girls come from the darkness of abject poverty and despair, but through people like you – our donors, they can realize the hope of Easter Sunday. Won’t you join our family and become the light of Easter morning for one of Our Little Roses? This Easter season, you can support the girls for as little as $10 as a one-time donation or even become a sustaining monthly donor. Contact us now to start supporting the girls this Easter season!