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Children’s charities improve the lives of impoverished kids worldwide.

The Best Children’s Charities To Donate To

How to Choose The Best Children’s Charities To Donate To

When it comes to donating to charities and choosing the best children’s charities to donate to, it’s important to do your research. Unfortunately, even though donating to children’s charities is a selfless act on your part, there may be people out there who will want to take advantage of your altruism. 

However, when you conduct thorough research, you’ll be less likely to fall victim to scams or dishonest people. Plus, by following the advice we’ve compiled in this article, you can learn how to select the best children’s charities to donate to based on a few key details. 

Those key details include location, cause, type of help, your personal belief system, morals, transparency, and the overall effect of the charity on the lives of the children it is designed to help! Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to select the best children’s charities to donate to. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Children’s Charity 

When looking to make a difference in the world and improve the lives of children living in unfortunate circumstances, your first thought will likely be to donate to a charity designed to help kids. But not all children’s charities are the same, so narrowing down your personal preferences will help you choose the best children’s charities to donate to, for you! 

That’s why it’s important to think about the following factors when choosing a children’s charity. Ask yourself questions like these: 


  • Where in the world do you want to make an impact? 
  • What causes are you passionate about and wanting to support? 
  • Is there a specific type of help you want to contribute to? Or a specific type of help you can offer?
  • Does the charity you’re considering align with your personal beliefs or morals? 
  • What is the impact of the charity on the lives of children? 


The location of the children’s charity you’re considering donating to will impact your decision. Do you want to make a local difference by donating to an organization that helps children in and around your neighborhood? Or would you prefer to help charities abroad? 

There’s also a chance that you don’t have a preference either way, but take a moment to think about whether or not you want to contribute to a certain part of the world. 


After thinking about the location, take some time to explore the causes that some of the best children’s charities to donate to focus on. Of course, children’s charities will have the needs and wants of kids at the forefront of their mission, but there’s a lot of variety in that as well. 

For instance, some children’s charities raise money to combat illnesses that target kids, like child cancer, while others might prioritize the ability to fund hospital stays for sick children rather than finding a cure for diseases. Medical issues aside, children’s charities center around an array of issues that affect children, so spend a little while thinking about the cause you want to support! 

Type of Help 

Similar to the cause that a children’s charity focuses on, the type of help that an organization provides is something to consider, too. For instance, it’s important to think about how the charity goes about helping children. Does the charity provide direct support to kids in the form of housing, healthcare, education, and basic necessities? Or does the organization make moves behind the scenes by putting your donations towards children in less direct ways? Look into this information before choosing one of the best children’s charities to donate to! 

It’s also important to think about the type of help you are willing and/or able to give. Are you looking for a children’s charity that accepts monetary donations? Do you want to give your time, energy, or skills? Maybe you have children’s clothing (that’s new or lightly used) that you’re looking to give away? Make sure the organization or children’s charity that you want to help is able to accept the type of help you are willing to give.

Your Personal Belief System and Morals 

You should always look at the morals of an organization and pay attention to how they align with your own personal belief system. It’s imperative that you support organizations that support the same values that you hold dear to your heart. 


They say that honesty is the best policy, and they say that for a reason. Genuine organizations will be as transparent as possible, so don’t be fooled by charities that have shady mission statements or unethical practices. Instead, seek out transparent organizations that have no problem offering data points and telling you where your donations are going. A great resource for that is to check out a children’s charity Guidestar Profile. Guidestar allows you to “stay up to date on the latest facts and insights on nonprofits” while also generating a seal of transparency (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) based on the amount of information each nonprofit provides; the more information visible to everyone, the higher the seal of transparency!

The Impact of the Charity on Children’s Lives 

As a children’s charity, the place you’re supporting should have an actual impact on the lives of the children it serves. However, the extent to which the organization affects lives may differ from one children’s charity to the next. 

How important is the impact of the charity on children’s lives to you? This will tie into your own opinion so give yourself a moment to think about how critical this detail is for you, and then keep it in mind when perusing the best children’s charities to donate to. 

How to Support Children’s Charities 

There will be many different ways by which you can donate to children in need. The exact way to go about making a donation will depend on the children’s charity that you decide to give your donation to, so the best way to find out how to donate to children is to look into that charity’s process and the options they can give you. 

In most cases, you’ll be able to send a one-time donation, donate on a consistent basis, or choose to sponsor a child directly instead. You may also want to give something other than a monetary donation, which is great! Your time and talents are a valuable source of support for many children’s charities as well. For example, at Our Little Roses, we offer many different ways for people interested in supporting OLR to get involved


  • Donate to OLR directly 
  • Organize a mission trip
  • Create your own personal fundraising campaign 
  • Become a supporter by staying up to date on all things OLR
  • Volunteer with Our Little Roses (join our Ambassadors Council, Young Professionals, or even our Board of Directors)
  • Sponsor a child 

How Our Little Roses Helps Children in Need 

Speaking of Our Little Roses, we are all about helping children in need! It all starts with our mission, which is to exist as a family committed to improving and empowering the lives of women and girls in Honduras. 

Our Little Roses is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that prioritizes the well-being of girls living in impoverished Honduran neighborhoods. By combining our top four values of faith, love, justice, and respect. 

To learn more about OLR and how to donate to our cause, take a closer look at what we do as one of the best children’s charities to donate to!