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How to Empower Female Education in Developing Countries

Education is about more than just getting the knowledge to become a more well-rounded individual, learn a specific skill set, or acquire a better understanding of how the world works. In many cases, education is the key that unlocks a wealth of opportunity to achieve a better quality of life. It can be the difference between living in poverty, being subjected to oppression and abuse, or creating change and becoming an influential member of society.

For women in developing countries, education can slowly unwind societal norms that hold equality back for generations. Empowerment is one of the starting points for bringing about positive change, and you can be a part of that change. Keep reading to learn about the different ways that you can get involved in empowering female education in developing countries!

How to Empower Female Education in Developing Countries Like Honduras

While the literacy rate for girls and boys in Honduras is roughly the same, girls are still at a disadvantage in the long run, as there are many instances where a girl will need to be pulled out of school to assist her family in other duties.

Though progress is slowly coming along, Honduras is still a patriarchal society, and gender stereotypes and inequalities lead to fewer career development opportunities. A high poverty rate also puts children (especially girls) at risk for being abandoned, abused, and exploited by human traffickers.

Without an education, it becomes more difficult for women to achieve the type of equal representation that they deserve in Honduras. Empowerment is one of the stepping stones to bringing about societal change and uplifting women to be confident and impact their community. Here’s how you can help empower female education:

Donate Directly to Organizations Dedicated to Providing Girls With an Education

By donating to an NGO dedicated to empowering girls and providing them a comprehensive education, you’re helping to provide the resources needed for a high-quality educational environment. A donation at Our Little Roses not only goes towards schooling and extracurricular activities, but it goes towards housing, food, medical care, dental care, psychological services, and spiritual formation. 

These factors support the girls’ well-being and allow them to focus on their studies and development, rather than worrying about where they will sleep at night or when their next meal will be. Donations can be monthly, or you can make a one-time donation if that’s what is within your means at the moment.

Sponsor a Girl & Be a Part of Her Educational Journey

Sponsorships are a rewarding and personal way to see your contributions in action. When you become a sponsor at Our Little Roses, you get to see the transformation for yourself, as you receive updates on the girl that you sponsor, along with her “sisters.” When you choose to sponsor, you become part of a girl’s extended family by being a life-line for the girls, as your sponsorship helps provide the essential resources needed to continue offering care. 

Sponsorships offer continuous support for providing tuition (including primary, secondary, and post-secondary education), school supplies, art supplies, and even English as a Second Language classes!

Spread Awareness & Plan a Fundraiser

In addition to donations and sponsorships, another simple way to help facilitate change is by spreading awareness about the current situations and circumstances that girls currently go through in Honduras. You can take to social media and let people know about the cause by planning a fundraiser or simply sharing information about the organization that you’re supporting. Use the power of social media and your voice to inspire others to take charge and make a difference – it’s as easy as the click of a button!

If you decide to become a fundraiser, some ideas can include selling baked goods, organizing runs, playing games, starting challenges, having an “open-mic night,” and more – you can be as creative as you like! Plus, all of these options can be done virtually to stay in line with social distancing recommendations. Not only are you raising funds for the cause – you are being an advocate for female empowerment and encouraging others to join you in the mission.

Why Get Involved?

A child writing in a notebook for their school assignment

While many individuals can be aware of the inequality and injustices that girls and women face in developing parts of the world, this doesn’t always compel them to get involved to make a difference. While someone may have strong emotions and consider taking action to help girls who face these situations, the fact that they are thousands of miles away and may not directly affect them on a personal level may lead to them asking, “why should I get involved?”

It’s important to remember that we live in this world together; we’re a global community. You may think a small contribution won’t even make a dent in affecting change – but keep in mind that when you add up these small actions and acts of kindness of individuals, you begin to see a real difference in communities. Just imagine the gratitude and hope that you’d give these girls through your help. 

Imagine how your involvement can take someone in poverty and help them to become independent, empowered women in their communities who will continue the wave of uplifting other women.

How to Get Started in Making a Difference

As you can see, there are many ways to help female education in developing countries, many of which can be from the comfort of your home. No contribution is too small; what ultimately matters is that you’re playing a part in improving the quality of life for girls who just want to be given a chance. Your contribution goes a long way, and we, as well as the girls of OLR, are eternally grateful.

A girl wearing a graduation cap while standing outside

At Our Little Roses, we continually raise the bar on education through our programs and institutions. By donating or becoming a sponsor, you’re making a difference by helping to fund these programs:

Holy Family Bilingual School – We offer a full educational experience from daycare to high school graduation. Students graduate fully bilingual, focusing on technology, science, and global leadership. 100% of HFBS graduates go to a university!

Escuela Madre de Luisa – This school is a local Catholic institution that Our Little Roses has partnered with since 2019. MML offers a comprehensive education for girls who are not yet ready for the bilingual school. The girls are educated with ethical, civil, moral, and spiritual principles to prepare them to become leaders and agents for change in their communities.

Mi Rincón (My Corner) – Our on-site special education program serves girls who arrive at Our Little Roses with little or no formal education, along with girls with cognitive or learning challenges. 100% of the girls at OLR with special needs get enrolled in our special education program.

ESL & R.E.S.T. Program – Our ESL after-school program is for girls of different ages who don’t attend bilingual schools. This program provides interactive activities and formal instruction to help the girls develop English language skills. 

Our R.E.S.T. program is a living/learning work-study program for those who graduate from high school and want to pursue higher education while remaining on our secure campus. 62% of girls in our R.E.S.T. program are enrolled in university programs, and 38% are enrolled in technical/trade programs!

These programs are made possible by people like you and your generosity. When a girl receives an education, she is better equipped to take charge of her life and help other girls do the same! To get started and learn more about how you can play a part in empowering female education in developing countries like Honduras, get involved or contact us today.