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Schoolgirls in Latin America

How to Improve the Schooling of Girls in Honduras

Improving the schooling of girls in Honduras is a wide-reaching and complex task. There are many reasons why children don’t complete school. These include but are not limited to: lack of family finances, safety issues, lack of parental education, and transportation problems.

Furthermore, teachers are often forced to use outdated teaching materials and work in inadequate school buildings with poor infrastructure. Poverty is a huge factor facing families in Honduras, and as children grow old enough to help earn an income, many families are forced to take their children out of school. Girls are significantly affected by schooling issues as the general feeling in Honduras is that women should lead the house while men work.

Honduras Specific Concerns with Poverty and Education

Poverty has a long-lasting impact on children and families. Children struggling to get enough food to survive clearly cannot focus on their education. Essential needs have to be met before a family can think about education for their children, and in Honduras, many families struggle with this.

Globally in Latin America, over 25 million people live in extreme poverty, with many surviving on less than $1.90 per day. Children living in extreme poverty often suffer from malnutrition and disease that they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to if food and water were more widely available. Honduras is the most impoverished country in Latin America, with 66% of people living in poverty.

Honduras has a high crime rate that also contributes to the safety of children going to and from school in some areas, with certain parts of Honduras being more prone to trouble for girls. Some of these issues include:  

  • Kidnapping
  • Trafficking
  •  Sexual Violence
  • Physical Violence

Even in more rural areas of Honduras, girls are at risk, making it safer for families to keep them home rather than sending them to school each day. Addressing the safety issues for girls to attend school is an essential part of educating girls in Honduras and providing food and healthcare.

Poverty and Education Link with Women

A classroom with a young girl working on a paper and other girls in the background

Equality is still a struggle for young girls in Honduras

Over the last few years, legislation for education and violence against women has improved in Latin America. Equality is still an ongoing struggle, especially in poverty-stricken countries like Honduras. Education often takes a back seat for girls, while families struggle to make ends meet for even the most basic needs. This is evidenced by a 2014 report showing that only 24 percent of girls enrolled in college.

The obstacles of poverty run deep in Honduras. Educating one family member through college can be well outside a family’s ability, yet having a college-educated family member statistically makes it more likely that other family members will complete college. Parents’ education levels affect children’s likelihood of attending college, so educating more girls can have a long-lasting effect on poverty for many families in the future.

Changes that Need to Be Made

There are a wide variety of charities working in Honduras to improve the schooling of girls. These organizations, such as Our Little Roses and others in the country, are dedicated to stopping the cycle of poverty through education.

Some of the most significant changes that can be made to improve the schooling of girls include:

  • Providing safe schools
  • Offering necessary health care
  • Working with families to educate on the importance of schooling
  • Combining education and safe living environments when needed
  • Supportive services for families
  • Community environments that emphasize education

Building a community where education is essential is the first step in breaking the poverty and education cycle in Honduras. As more and more families have young people finishing college, they will see the higher pay and increased quality of life that comes with it. The whole community will slowly start to flourish as young people become more educated.

How You Can Help

Two hands reaching out to help one another with a sunset in the background

Regular donations really help us to provide the resources and support that young girls need

There is a way to help, and many charities are working throughout Honduras to improve the education system. Through donations, NGOs like Our Little Roses can provide free education to girls through their secondary schooling.

A one-time donation is always helpful, but pledging to give on an ongoing basis helps organizations build their budgets and plan for the year. Charities value sponsorship donors who can commit to giving throughout the year and allow them to offer more students and education.

Making improvements to the schooling for girls in Honduras takes money and time combined with the dedication of teachers and staff. Every girl deserves the opportunity to be educated and choose a life free from poverty. You can help. Your donation can ensure a whole different life for a young girl and her family.

Start Helping With the Schooling for Girls in Honduras

It is easy to give regularly and significantly impact the lives of the girls at Our Little Roses. You can support the girls for as little as $10 a month! We work with you to apply your donation to a specific program if you would like. You can choose from several options to ensure your donations are applied toward the girls’ education in our care, or you can choose to support other options such as necessities, building upkeep, and healthcare.

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