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How to Sponsor a Child in Honduras

There are many ways to give back to impoverished children in Honduras. These include sponsorships, donating money and resources to local organizations in Honduras, funding educational initiatives, paying tuition fees, and fundraising.  Sponsorships are often a great way to directly impact a child that you may never get to meet in person. 

Even if you are only able to give a little bit of financial assistance to a child, the impact on their lives can be significant. A regular donation of just a few dollars a month can make a world of difference to a child that may not have many advantages in life. 

In Honduras, more than 60 percent of people live below the poverty line and in rural areas, that rises to 65 percent. This results in a situation where two-thirds of children are malnourished and lack access to safe water, sanitation, and education and less than half of Honduran children complete more than three years of education.

The plight of young girls in Honduras is twice as bad, due to gender inequality. Unfortunately, poverty combined with high crime leaves young girls at risk of human trafficking and abuse. Furthermore, they may often be pulled out of school to help with domestic chores. However, sponsoring children provides the financial assistance needed to ensure they get access to a safe, loving environment that provides them with the resources and the educational opportunities to live a more fulfilling and independent life. 

In this blog, we outline how to sponsor a child in Honduras and highlight the ways in which your contribution can enrich the lives of these children. 


How to Sponsor a Child In Honduras


There are many ways to sponsor a child in Honduras.

There are many ways to help a child in need with different kinds of sponsorship that fit your budget. Many of these suggestions focus on the various ways that you can sponsor young girls in Honduras through Our Little Roses, which offers an oasis of hope and opportunity for young girls in San Pedro Sula. However, they can also be applied to any reputable organization that helps children in Honduras.


1. Donate $2 Per Day

Donating just a couple of dollars a day can make a significant difference to children in Honduras. 

For example, you can help support and provide for a girl living at Our Little Roses, for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Monthly $60 sponsorships are an easy way to financially care for a child, which breaks down to just $2 per day.

That $2 is stretched to help provide a safe and secure home for a girl and give her nutritious food and clean water. It also helps provide access to medical and dental care and makes it easier for counselors and on-site staff who act as guardians and parents to these once-neglected girls. 

There are many well-known charitable organizations that provide assistance to children in Honduras in a number of different ways. The majority of these organizations can accept fairly small monthly donations which make a world of difference to a child in need.


2. Fund Educational Initiatives

Sponsoring a child’s education provides them with the means to lead a fulfilling life.

We can all agree that education is a vital and necessary part of growing up. Many children in Honduras don’t have access to quality education, or their family responsibilities outweigh their ability to get to school, but there are many ways you can contribute to their education. For example, you can donate money towards paying the cost of their tuition fees, donate resources such as school books or fund scholarships and other initiatives.

For example, just $70 per month can help provide quality education to a girl in Honduras through Our Little Roses. This will help cover her school tuition, all of the school supplies she needs, including writing utensils, notebooks, books, folders, and markers.

At Our Little Roses, 99% of the girls that grow up in our residential home go on to attend a technical school or university. These degrees create a solid foundation for their future careers and provide for themselves and their future families. Secondary education offers a lifetime of independence and self-reliance to girls.

If you are able to further assist financially, you can sponsor a girl’s higher education with a University Sponsorship for just $200 per month. This helps cover tuition at her chosen university and any supplies she would need to help her learn. At just $2,400 per year, a young girl at Our Little Roses has access to quality education for much less than college costs in the United States!


3. Fundraising

For those who have limited budgets and resources but still want to help sponsor a child, fundraising is the next best option! Donating your time and talent to create and direct a fundraiser can significantly impact many more children than you would be able to sponsor by yourself. 

Fundraising is easy to get started and Our Little Roses has its very own fundraising guide where you have access to several resources and can learn how to spread the word about how much great work is being done to improve the lives of children. Consider getting together with your local youth group, moms club, or community group to raise awareness and generate some much-needed funds to help a child in need!


4. Become an Ambassador

If you want to take your sponsorship contribution to the next level, why not consider becoming an ambassador for your chosen charity? Becoming an ambassador involves networking with a group of like-minded individuals who have all committed to improving the lives of young children as a priority. The role of an ambassador may vary depending on the organization, it can involve tapping into your local networks to support outreach efforts, develop national fundraising events, or simply assisting with projects and advocating for the organization through your social networks.

At Our Little Roses, we have an Ambassadors Council that meets monthly on a virtual basis. Our ambassadors support local, regional, and national fundraising efforts and commit to securing a minimum of $3,000 in donations through personal resources, implementing fundraising programs, and/or cultivating donor relationships.


What Sponsorships Mean to Needy Children at Our Little Roses


Sponsoring a child in need is one of the most powerful ways you can help break the chains of generational poverty. 

At Our Little Roses, your sponsorship helps to ensure we have the essential resources needed to provide a safe, secure, loving home for each and every girl entrusted to our care and allows us to support them in the best possible way.

The money you help raise can provide the education they need to support their families and communities in later life. At its most basic level, it helps to provide healthcare, clean water, safety and security for children in need. 

Many of us have found success in our lives through hard work and the support of those around us who believe in us. When you sponsor a child at Our Little Roses, you are helping support and believe in each of the girls’ potential at breaking the cycle of generational poverty. 

Organizations such as Our Little Roses wouldn’t be the same without the love and support of people like you who help to sponsor a child in need. For more information about how to sponsor a child in Honduras and support the work we do, contact Our Little Roses today!