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How Your Charitable Donations Make a Difference at Our Little Roses

When You Become an Our Little Roses Sponsor, You Transform a Girl’s Life!

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America. In a country of 8 million inhabitants, 60% of Hondurans live below the poverty line; in rural areas, the rate rises to 65.4%. Two-thirds of children are malnourished and lack access to safe water, sanitation, and education. Just less than half of Honduran children complete more than three years of education.

A home of an impoverished family in Honduras

Tragically, Honduras’ endemically high poverty rate gives human traffickers an enormous opportunity to exploit people’s needs for money with false offers of work abroad, putting poor and abandoned girls at extreme risk. 

With the dramatic increase in human trafficking, children (and especially girls) are a prime target. An alleged former trafficker in the sex trade reported he was able to sell up to 40 Honduran girls a day in Mexico for $100 each.  

The girls who come to Our Little Roses Ministries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, come from overwhelming situations of abject poverty, abuse, abandonment, and oppression. They are infants, toddlers, young girls, and teenagers who have endured extreme neglect, abandonment, and abuse throughout their young lives. 

They often are left alone to fend for themselves — unable to care for or protect themselves, and Our Little Roses is committed to breaking the chains of generational poverty one girl at a time. We empower the girls in our care through education and love.

Why Your Charitable Donations Matter

Young teenage girl holding thumbs up for success

Your charitable donations change the lives of girls like Maria*, who was born into extreme poverty and lived in a shack with her mother and several siblings. The siblings all had to share one bed and one outdoor bathroom with the community. 

Due to these conditions, Maria was brought to the home at just three years old and she’s lived at Our Little Roses ever since. She is now 22 years old, has a bilingual high school diploma, and is studying Pre-School Education at University. She works part-time as a pre-kinder assistant teacher, so she helps along with teaching our littlest roses at the home. Maria’s life was literally saved through the Sponsorship program at Our Little Roses.

How You Can Become a Sponsor

Just say YES!  By making a commitment now to become a sponsor, you can bring love, joy, and hope to a young girl who has often known only hurt, pain, hunger, and fear. Through your charitable donations, you join with other sponsors to help provide a safe, secure, and loving home.

Sponsorship at Our Little Roses is a very unique experience, because sponsors are the life-line for our girls. Sponsors become part of their extended family and empower them through love and support. By becoming a sponsor, you have the choice to become a very important part of the life of the girls of Our Little Roses. 

girl with balloons jumping across the grass

There are several levels of sponsorships:

  • Basic Life Sponsorship: Provides life-saving shelter of a safe loving home, healthcare, psychological care, nutritious food, and clean water.
  • Education Sponsors: Provides the key to breaking the chains of generational poverty through school tuition, school supplies, art supplies, and all school necessities. 
  • Holistic Life Sponsorship (NEW): Combines both the basic life sponsorship and education sponsorship
  • Universal Sponsors: This sponsorship level is for those who prefer to support the full ministry instead of one particular girl. Universal sponsors serve as sponsors for the whole home; their sponsorship donation is a crucial part of providing the services needed to provide for all of the girls living at Our Little Roses.
  • University Sponsors: These sponsors support our roses in University or technical school by covering their tuition and supplies.

For just $2 a day, you can sponsor a girl with a monthly contribution of $60 or $720 annually. Your shared sponsorship support helps us meet the basic needs of all of our girls — food, clothing, shelter, and education. 

Your sponsorship helps us provide a safe and secure home, nutritious food, clean water, medical and dental care, and special programs and activities. 

To cover the full cost of caring for the girls in a full-time residential home, each girl needs multiple sponsors and the contributions are pooled. Every one of our girls welcomes and cherishes each of her sponsors. 

Hands holding red heart

Click here for more information on how you can become a sponsor today! Upon receiving your initial sponsorship contribution, we will send you a Sponsorship Certificate, suggestions of how to develop a relationship with your sponsored girl, and a recent photograph you can happily share with your friends and family. 

There are so many ways you can take action today and make a difference in the lives of our “roses!”

Questions about sponsorship and charitable donations? Call or email our Sponsorship Development Coordinator at 305-603-9758 or today!

*The name of the girl mentioned in the article has been changed to protect her privacy.