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How Your Sponsorship Helps the Girls of Our Little Roses

If you’ve been reading the headlines lately, it’s hard not to feel helpless as you see the caravans of Hondurans traveling thousands of miles to escape the poverty and violence of their country. Life in Honduras is a daily struggle, with gangs overtaking neighborhoods, lack of resources, and inadequate infrastructure. Sadly, in these conditions, children are hurt the most. Two-thirds of Honduran children are malnourished and lack access to safe water, sanitation, and education.

As a compassionate person, you feel compelled to help. But how?

That’s the question our founder Diana Dillenberger Frade asked herself over 30 years ago. After visiting a boys orphanage in Tegucigalpa, she was encouraged by the good work being done on behalf of these children, but wondered, what about the girls?

She began to see firsthand how the most vulnerable Honduran citizens – girls – were overlooked and struggling to survive. Today, Our Little Roses provides the answer to “what can I do?” We offer sponsors the life-changing opportunity to give abused and abandoned girls in Honduras the keys to a better life – the life they deserve.

Let’s walk through exactly what your sponsorship could mean for one of our girls.

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What Your Sponsorship Can Provide

A Safe and Loving Home

Your sponsorship provides a full-time residential home for one of the girls we rescue from abuse, neglect, or abandonment in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. For most of our girls, it may be the first time they receive a balanced diet, medical and dental care, spiritual formation, and a chance to attend school. But most importantly, it may be the first time they experience love and respect. Through the support of our donors, they are finally safe and loved. Every single girl who comes to Our Little Roses is given the sense that she can become whoever she wants to be, giving each girl a brighter vision for her life in Honduras.

High-Quality Education

With your sponsorship, every girl at Our Little Roses receives a high-quality education. Upon arrival, we carefully assess each child and place her in the program best for her needs. Some of our girls attend Holy Family Bilingual School (HFBS), which has a very rigorous bilingual curriculum for students in Pre-first through 11th grade (the Honduras school system ends at 11th grade). Many of our girls are better suited for other schools not as demanding as HFBS but which still provide a good education. For those in schools that are not bilingual, we offer an alternative ESL program.

Comprehensive Health and Dental Care

Due to the generosity of our donors, we were able to build an off-site health clinic that provides our girls with affordable, quality healthcare, as well as to the surrounding community. Your sponsorship provides the funding needed to give regular healthcare and dental care to your sponsored child, making sure they grow up healthy and strong.

Fun and Enriching Extracurricular Activities

Your sponsorship also helps us fulfill our mission to give our girls a holistic education. As part of our Center for Cultural Identity, we have many extracurricular programs that include ballet, woodworking, English classes, arts and crafts, and more. During the summer and on school breaks, we take the girls on a vacation to the Schilling-Weeks Retreat/Training Center, which is located about an hour from Our Little Roses main campus at Pueblo Nuevo, Santa Barbara. With a beautiful river close by and cool mountain breezes, our girls come back refreshed and rested.

Your Sponsorship Opportunities

When you become a sponsor, we combine your investment with those of other sponsors and donors to provide the best care possible for each girl. You’ll receive access to the Sponsors page so you can hear all about the daily life of your sponsored girl. We encourage you to write letters and even visit the home if you can to build a relationship. It’s an experience that will change both of you. In many cases, sponsors become like an extended family. Here are a few of the options for sponsorship.

Housing, Nutrition, Healthcare Sponsorship

For what amounts to $2 per day, you can sponsor one of our girls’ overall well-being. By donating $60/month or $720/year, you’ll ensure she has:

  • A safe and secure home
  • Nutritious food and clean water
  • Medical and dental care
  • Basic extracurricular activities
  • Spiritual formation
  • Basic psychological services
  • Guidance and love!

Education Sponsorship

You can sponsor a girl’s education for one year by donating $70/month or $840/year. You’d provide:

  • Tuition
  • School supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Notebooks/binders/folders
  • Pens/pencils/markers

Throughout our 30 years, 95% of the girls that have come through Our Little Roses have graduated from high school as opposed to 7% in general for Honduras. Education is truly the cornerstone of our organization. We believe girls education will change the future of the country for generations to come.

University Sponsorship

To help one of our girls attend a technical school or university, you can sponsor the cost of their tuition and school supplies. This is $200/month or $2400/year. Twenty percent of the girls from Our Little Roses have graduated from University, as opposed to 6% in general for Honduras. Help us make that percentage even higher!

At Our Little Roses, we embrace our girls in a loving atmosphere of respect and security. But it’s through education that we offer them a path forward. Through education, women have the power to become future leaders, drive change, and build stronger communities. Our statistics show that 86% of all the girls who come through Our Little Roses stay in Honduras. The girls stay because they are able to find good jobs and achieve their goals in their home country. They can see a better life in Honduras is possible.

We would love for you to join our family. Whether you’d like to make a one-time donation or select one of our sponsorship opportunities, your support helps one more girl achieve her potential.