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International Day of the Girl Child: Why It’s Important

What is the International Day of the Girl Child? 

International Day of the Girl Child (IDOGC) is a worldwide celebration that takes place every year on October 11th. The entire day centers around the importance of raising girls who believe in themselves and understand that they hold a lot of significance. 

With the first IDOGC held in Beijing at the 1995 World Conference on Women, International Day of the Girl is an incredibly progressive celebration intended to amplify the need for women’s rights. It wasn’t until 2011 that the United Nations officially announced that October 11th will, from then on out, be reserved for International Day of the Girl Child. 

Not only is this day intended to fight for women’s rights, but it brings attention to the hardships that women face simply because the majority of the world operates under male-dominated societies. Women can change the world, but in order for them to believe in their power, they must be reminded of their worth from young ages. 

What the International Day of the Girl Child Means for Young Girls 

The International Day of the Girl Child seeks to ensure that girls all around the world are uplifted and empowered. For young girls, having someone who believes in them is life-changing. It’s the difference between confidence and fear. 

At Our Little Roses, our girls are reminded every day that they can do anything they set their minds to. We create an environment where the girls feel inspired, capable, and confident in themselves. International Day of the Girl highlights what we already teach the girls, but seeing these values being celebrated and recognized on a global scale gives them hope. International Day of the Girl instills a sense of resilience that reminds them to never give up on themselves. 

Why IDOGC is Significant in 2020 

International Day of the Girl Child is a very important celebratory day, no matter the year. But with all that 2020 has brought us, we are seeing a sharp increase in the need for female empowerment. Though female empowerment is not fading away, there has been a resurgence of gender inequality

While the equality differences between men and women have lessened over time in some aspects and regions, women are still not viewed as fully equal to their male counterparts in many situations. It all stems from traditions that date back hundreds of years, so the International Day of the Girl is one of the many ways people are invalidating this outdated ideology.

Our Little Roses Celebrates International Day of the Girl Everyday

Every year, there is a different theme for the International Day of the Girl. This year, we will be embracing the idea of “My Voice, Our Equal Future,” which is all about the mission of ensuring that the girls at OLR have access to resources that will set them up for a successful future. 

Whether the girls at OLR want to become a mother someday or their dreams involve pursuing career ambitions (or both), we encourage every girl at Our Little Roses to reach for the stars and go after what they want. We equip them with the tools to make their dreams come true, which include a variety of high-quality educational programs, enrichment programs, a safe and caring environment, and plenty of encouragement!

The theme and values of IDOGC are naturally incorporated into everything that we do at Our Little Roses. We make our girls a priority and celebrate them every single day by putting their needs at the forefront of our organization. By prioritizing the dreams of our girls, we are able to give them a voice through our actions.

One of our alumnae, Kati Kawas, is a perfect example of how female empowerment not only benefits girls of all ages but how it makes an impact on society. After graduating throughOLR’s programming, Kati began teaching in the Holy Family Bilingual School’s bilingual department. Kati recently became the official Coordinator of the OLR Home and is an excellent testimony to the empowering nature of Our Little Roses. 

When she was in need of encouragement and people to uplift her, Our Little Roses was there. Now, she gives back by doing the exact same for girls who are currently in the same position she used to be in!  She has played a significant role in our upcoming International Day of the Girl festivities. 

On top of a new theme and the excitement of our OLR alum this year, another addition is being made to the 2020 OLR celebration of IDOGC. At Our Little Roses, we are starting a brand new tradition of serving cupcakes and iced tea to all in attendance, just to make an already amazing day a little sweeter! 

Empower Girls by Becoming a Sponsor

Children joining hands outside

Did you know that there are two main ways you can empower girls through Our Little Roses? One of the most common ways of supporting young girls is by signing up to donate to OLR. 

You can choose to donate on a consistent monthly basis or opt for a one-time donation instead. No matter which option you pick, we are incredibly appreciative of any donations you give to Our Little Roses.

Another option is to directly sponsor one of the OLR girls. When you become a sponsor, you have the irreplaceable honor of building a relationship with one of our girls and watching her flourish as a result of your generosity. 

Why not celebrate this year’s International Day of the Girl Child by sponsoring a girl at OLR? Sponsorships make a world of difference for Our Little Roses, and we would be honored to have you as a sponsor!