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March Rose Garden

Join us as we celebrate the precious gift of life! An invaluable gift of love was given to Baby Rose by the Board Members Carol and Cheri. A white warm and beautiful quilt that for 50 years has remained part of the Garrison Family now is warming Baby Rosa.
For Honduran girls, to turn 15 years old is an exciting time in their life. It is the age that marks the entrance to womanhood. The girls from OLRM count the days to turn 15. The celebration starts by gathering at the Chapel for a thanksgiving service, and ends with a delicious dinner and modern music. This year, two of our girls celebrated their quinceañeras, Lizeth and Esthefany, who rejoiced all day with the girls and staff from OLRM! Congratulations girls!
Back row: Lizeth, Guadalupe Cindy, Daysi, Sharol, Daysy & Iris
Front row: Elizabeth, Gabriela & Rosenda
Vacation time is over for 26 of our girls that attend different schools across Honduras. The girls woke up very excited about their first day of classes in February. They quickly ran to the showers, ate breakfast, and put on their uniforms. A quick glance was given to their backpacks to make sure all their school supplies were there. Finally, it was time to catch the bus that will lead them into their futures as educated women.
“Mi Rincon”
Special Education Room
Back: Zoila, Esthefany, Reina
Front: Patricia, Katherine Jr. Estefany M.
Leopoldo Aguilar School
Back: Dania & Dayana E.
Middle: Angie, Miriam, Melissa, Martha & Gisell
Front: Katherine & Genesis
Belkis Merlo, the Director of OLRM, felt her heart stop and tears come to her eyes when she was asked by one of the new girls if they were really going to have lunch. The girl was so surprised that we had served them real chicken soup. Her mother could hardly feed them breakfast and then they had to wait the whole day, inside a little shack, for a small dinner to be prepared. Typically, after the mother had returned from the dump, where she went every day to collect plastic to sell for money for food.
Sisters Katherine and Genesis, both of them attending first grade.
Attending school is a dream come true for these sisters, when they both looked at each other wearing their school uniforms they immediately hugged each other, no words could express their emotions.
Once a year OLRFMS Board members hold a meeting on the OLRM Campus where they have opportunities to share with the girls and staff during their break times. During the meeting, there is also time for the staff in charge of different Programs to talk about their daily challenges and the successes that each Program has throughout the year.
Mr. Carlos Duarte, Principal of HFBS and Mr. Peralta, Academic Director
Lic. Magda Alvarez in charge of the Especial Education Program
Bishop Leo Frade and OLRFMS Board Members celebrated the inauguration of OLRFM’s new Day Care and Head Start Program.
The girls of Our Little Roses had a wonderful time celebrating the Feast of St. Patrick this past Saturday! The girls celebrated with cookies, a green theme, and a group celebration.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our Roses to you!
By subscriber request, we will now start including next month’s birthdays in the Rose Garden so sponsors can have more time to send gifts. Click to download the calendars. We love hearing your suggestions – thank you!
In March and April, we are so excited to celebrate the birthdays of several of our beloved girls! Happy Birthday!
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