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Mother’s Day at Our Little Roses

At Our Little Roses we love good mothers but not Mother’s Day. Here’s why…

This is the time of year I become nostalgic about my childhood. Not only do memories of mom fill my thoughts, but also growing up with my sisters and brother, playing outside, riding our bicycles, walking to school, and going on family outings…

Girls from Our Little Roses playing, learning and spending time with volunteers

Perhaps many of us have similar experiences at this time of the year when we honor mothers on their special day in May.

Mother’s Day in Honduras

Like the United States, Honduras also celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This season is always filled with many festivities – school children making special gifts and cards for their mothers. Families getting together to honor the generations of moms who came before them.

But Mother’s Day is very difficult for many of our girls at Our Little Roses…

Rather than a joyful celebration, Mother’s Day can be a day filled with great sorrow. Many of our girls’ mothers have passed away… others do not know the whereabouts of their moms… and some mothers are not allowed to have visitations with their child because of abuse that brought their child to Our Little Roses through the juvenile justice system.

Some years ago, after a Mother’s Day program at school, one of our girls wrote in her diary how the celebration made her feel. She said she was told she had to get ready to attend the activity being held outside on the basketball court because each class was going to give a performance for the mothers in attendance…

Afterward, she wrote how empty she felt inside – that Mother’s Day had no meaning for her since her mother had passed away. Her words made me wonder: How many other girls had similar thoughts?

Trauma-Informed Model of Care

The little girl’s response and the words in her journal made us take a closer look at the effect the Mother’s Day celebrations were having on our girls and the children from our bilingual school whose mothers were absent for many reasons.

The following year, we changed our policy at the Home and school. We would no longer celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but rather family Day. That’s because our girls truly understand the meaning of FAMILY…

Family Day

You see, Our Little Roses truly is a family. It is a big, wonderful family made up of sisters, staff, Tias, and extended family from around the States and beyond.

Good people like you who are reading this letter today are part of our family, and I’m so grateful for that!

Good people who sponsor one of our girls.

So now, Family Day is happily celebrated at Our Little Roses each year, and everyone loves and looks forward to participating.

Recently, we accepted two new members into the Our Little Roses Family. A newborn baby, just  7 weeks old, and an 8-year-old. The other girls are always excited when a new child joins us. They are in awe of the fragility of babies and eager to help love them. They are honing their “mother” skills with each new arrival – learning to care, protect, and pray for their new sister. Welcoming her to this family based on the Christian mission of love and charity.

The 8-year-old said after her first night at Our Little Roses, “I felt like a princess last night.” I asked why? She replied, “This was the first time I have ever slept in my own bed, all to myself, without at least two other girls.”

Small girl happy for having her own bed for the first time thanks to OLR

“I felt like a princess in my own bed..”

Your Part of the Story

Our Little Roses thanks YOU for helping us make all our girls feel like princesses!

Through your continued support, each girl here is loved and cared for. They are given every opportunity to grow up in an atmosphere of respect and unconditional love. Because of you, their futures will be filled with memories of a childhood that reminds them of their “sisters” – playtime, going to school, and the many outings that they have shared together.

May God bless all the mothers – past and present – and all who help support Our Little Roses ministry. THANK YOU!

In gratitude,

Diana Dillenberger Frade's signature, Founder and president of Our Little Roses

Dr. Diana Frade

P.S. I’m grateful to share this news: Thanks to a Matching Gift Challenge by a very generous benefactor, every gift received before 5/15/2022 will be

DOUBLED in value – up to $25,000.

That means your Family Day gift today will have twice the impact when postmarked by May 15!


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