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Our Little Roses Celebrates Third-Annual Let’s Get Moving Virtual Event

Every August, Our Little Roses, or OLR, prepares to get up, get out, and get moving through our liveliest event of the season! 

This year we’re celebrating our third annual Let’s Get Moving (LGM) virtual event. LGM helps us to stay connected as a community while staying healthy together. It’s also an amazing way for us to spread awareness of OLR and support the 60+ Honduras girls in our care, which is how LGM began.  

Check out our step-by-step signup instructions!

The viral outbreak of COVID-19 made it difficult to stay active by closing parks and gyms and making congregating in social spaces forbidden. 

Like many nonprofits, COVID-19 restrictions put a huge strain on our organization. For Our Little Roses, the horror was magnified – Honduras was battling three major disasters – the deadly virus and Hurricanes Eta & Iota. The storms left already vulnerable communities completely devastated. 

In an effort to stay connected to our community and continue to provide the resources necessary to care for the 60+ Honduras girls in our care, LGM was born.  

Thanks to the amazing success of the Let’s Get Moving event in 2020 and 2021, OLR supporters, donors, staff members, students, and family members alike were able to get virtually active together while sustaining our work of empowering and transforming the lives of girls in Honduras. We walked and ran hundreds of miles, swam hundreds of laps – and raised just under $50,000.

Now,  every August 1st through September 4th, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to participate in OLR’s Let’s Get Moving virtual event! We need your help to continue our work – and surpass last year’s totals.  

But how exactly does the LGM help everyone involved? Let’s explore the details of this fun fitness affair.  

How does the Let’s Get Moving event help everyone involved?

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Our Participants 

LGM, is an excellent way to encourage people to get active, stay fit, and move their bodies  

Even though the world is still experiencing the side effects of a viral outbreak and trying to recover from an ongoing pandemic, we still need to prioritize our physical and mental health. 

Through LGM, people who share an interest in fitness-related activities can come together virtually, encourage themselves and each other to reach their personal goals for a good cause, and allow their friends and families to join in on the experience. 

With a variety of different activities to choose from, the event provides a great opportunity to engage athletes from all walks of life. From beginners to the most advanced, LGM welcomes athletes of every fitness level. 

 Our Roses

From healthcare and housing to educational opportunities and female empowerment, the impacts of Our Little Roses on the 60+ girls in our care are undeniable.  The funds we raise go towards improving the quality of life of the girls in Honduras, and our LGM campaign is no different. 

Every person who participates in LGM is part of our work – part of each girl’s story of graduating high school, or even college, something that is unattainable for so many girls in Honduras.  Every mile you walk or run, or lap you swim makes you part of affording her a new pair of shoes, paying for her doctor’s appointment, or even ensuring a plate of food is put on the table every night. Every effort helps us to give our girls the life they deserve, a life free of fear, poverty, and violence.

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How to Participate in Let’s Get Moving  

To register for the LGM event with Our Little Roses, visit the event page and click the “Register Here” tab underneath the “Let’s Get Moving” shuffling headline. 

From there it’ll prompt you to provide your information, and select your shirt size and activity: walking, running, cycling, or swimming (there’s also a triathlete option!). 

Once you complete the registration form, go ahead and click on “Proceed” and submit your payment information before your spot is officially confirmed. 

After you pay for the event, you can expect to receive two or three emails depending on whether you’ve donated to Our Little Roses in the past. 

Then you can tell your friends and your family members all about your upcoming involvement in the OLR Let’s Get Moving event by creating a personalized fundraising page to encourage others who believe in your mission to donate to your cause. 

All you have to do is open the email that has your event ticket, which will also contain a link to your own fundraising page. You can utilize the features to set up your page and share it with your friends or family members in a variety of ways!


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What To Expect at Our Little Roses’ Let’s Get Moving Event 

 You can expect to tap into or keep up with your physical health, help raise funds to transform and empower girls in Honduras through education and love, and join a community that is passionate about helping young Honduras girls in need. 

It’s a challenge that will connect you to different people from all walks of life through our social media platforms, where you’ll get to see the updates and progress of other participants. It’ll also test you mentally, physically, and even spiritually, but just think of how amazing you’ll feel when it’s all done. 

The chance to reflect on how your efforts improved not just your life, but the life of a child you’ve never met as well as inspiring those around you is what LGM hopes every athlete takes away from this experience. 

Expect to receive a pretty cool T-shirt thanking you for your involvement in the Let’s Get Moving 2022 event! Wear it proudly so everyone can see that you are transforming lives through education and love – changing the world one girl at a time.

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Donate to Our Little Roses Today! 

Are you interested in becoming a donor and partnering with Our Little Roses to improve the lives of young girls in Honduras? We cannot thank you enough! 

Whether you would like to commit to donating on a regular basis or you would prefer to contribute a one-time donation, your generosity is beyond appreciated. Check out our donation page to learn more about donating to Our Little Roses. 

You can also sign up as a sponsor instead. As a sponsor, you will directly benefit the life of one girl in particular. You’ll get to build a friendship with her and connect with her on an ongoing basis so that you feel involved in her life.

For those of you interested in sponsoring a girl at Our Little Roses, we have a lot of information for you to read and explore before signing up as a sponsor. We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to answer all of your questions. We’re happy to help!