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Our New Year’s Resolution: Inspire and Give

Considerably one of the most meaningful transitions that we experience in life, the new year is a time of celebration. We look back at our past and how far we have come, and we zero in on the ways we can achieve our dreams in the upcoming year. 

With the onset of every new year, we make resolutions and vow to change our lives for the better. There’s something about a brand new year that makes us passionate about starting over and introducing better habits into our lives. 

If you are motivated to improve your life and help to elevate the world around you, then there’s no better time than now to participate in the mission of Our Little Roses! Add helping Honduran girls achieve excellence to your list of 2020 resolutions. 

Changing the Lives of High-Risk Girls in 2020

Ever since the day we opened our doors, on January 25th, 1988, it has been our resolution to empower girls in Honduras and help them find ways to transform their lives through education and love.

By 2019, we were able to help over 170 girls to do just that by providing an education, a safe home, and a loving family. In the U.S., the average length of time a child attends school is 12 years. In Honduras, the average is just 4.8 years. The dream of attaining a high school diploma becomes a reality for just 7% of the population of Honduras.  

At Our Little Roses, 95% of the girls in our care receive their high school diploma. 

Every one of the  Honduran girls at Our Little Roses who receives her education at our school (Holy Family Bilingual School)was able to enroll at this very stringent school as a result of full-tuition scholarships. Here’s another impressive statistic,  20% of OLR high school women went on to graduate from a collegiate-level school as well. This is much higher than the 8% average for girls in Honduras, and this is why we continue to do what we do. 

Our New Year’s Resolution is to continue to increase these already admirable stats in 2020  by inviting others to join our mission of helping the girls of Honduras become independent, educated, Honduran women!

New Plans for Our Little Roses in 2020

On January 25, 2020, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the day our Founder, Dr. Diana Frade opened Our Little Roses.  We’ve come a long way since that day but, like many of you, our goal is to improve year after year. At Our Little Roses, we strive to help as many Honduran women and girls as possible. Each year we work to improve on our success through making life-changing opportunities available to our girls and the community.  

We know that the key to generational transformation is education but that not every girl will follow the same path.  We encourage the girls in our care to explore and grow through programs like woodworking, dance, and poetry to find their individual pathway to success. As a non-governmental organization, our mission has always been to elevate the lives of girls in Honduras through education, faith, and love. 

We believe there is incredible potential behind every precious face, and even though bringing a genuine smile to every girl has always been a goal of ours, 2020 is an opportunity to take our skills to the next level. In the new year, we intend to host more events to familiarize the community with OLR and our mission as well as expand our reach and network with even more individuals of all backgrounds!

Interested in Helping Our Little Roses?

There are four distinct ways that you can get involved with Our Little Roses. If you’d like to be a part of the process and help Honduran girls receive a bright future, you can…

  • Contribute donations directly to Our Little Roses
  • Organize a fundraiser for Honduran girls
  • Plan a mission trip to Honduras
  • Support OLR through our sponsorship program

Contribute Donations to Our Little Roses

We welcome donations with open arms  – Our Little Roses is 100% donor-funded! Our donors are our angels as feeding, clothing, educating, and creating a loving home for our girls to flourish is a large task.  It is ONLY through the generous donations of people like YOU that we can accomplish these goals. We have a campaign that is currently active, meaning you can make online donations to OLR with ease. The money that we receive in the form of online donations is crucial to transforming the girls’ lives in Honduras. 

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From funding food for girls to eat, contributing to the overall cost of their education, to paying for new clothes as needed, your donations help us go the extra mile for our Honduran girls. As always, OLR keeps the lovely young women at the forefront of everything we do within the mission, and your financial assistance allows us to provide for the deserving women of Honduras.

Organize a Fundraiser for Honduran Girls

Another option is to put together an organized fundraiser of your own with OLR in mind. This not only helps Our Little Roses with much-needed funding, but it is also a way that you can help us spread the news of our work and grow our extended family of supporters.  

The best part about fundraising is that you can use your imagination and plan the event in a way that reflects your talents, passions, or hobbies. For example, if you love to bake brownies or decorate cupcakes, you could pick a date where you sell your baked goods to the community, or if you love to play sports, set up a charity sporting event in honor of Our Little Roses! 

Fundraising is even more profitable now that social media platforms are in abundance. Consider advertising your OLR fundraiser across your social media accounts to spread the word even more. 

Plan a Mission Trip to Honduras

Over these last 32 years, we have welcomed people from all over the world through our Mission Trip and Spanish Immersion programs

To start, we ask that you reach out to us and complete our Mission Interest Form. This form allows us to begin a conversation as this mission trip will be a life-changing experience for you and for the girls at Our Little Roses.  

The next step is simply for you to make your way to Honduras and revel in the marvelous wonder of the country while helping to set young women up for success at the same time.

Support OLR Through Our Sponsorship Program

If you’d like to be a consistent supporter of Our Little Roses, our monthly and annual contributors are cherished as part of our OLR Family. Our Sponsorship program is the foundation of all we do at Our Little Roses.  We have multiple sponsorship levels; Basic, Educational, University, and Universal.  

Click here to find out more or email our Sponsorship Development Coordinator to see which level might be right for you.  Our program is very unique with an individual focus as you build a relationship with the girls of OLR – we know that it is extremely beneficial for our girls to know that someone as far away as the United States cares about their success.  

It’s easy to write letters or even visit the girl you sponsor by making a trip to Honduras.  Or, you may want to support all of our work without becoming a sponsor to one particular girl and so our Universal Sponsor program is the perfect fit for you. We are forever grateful to those of you who decide to become sponsors of OLR – whether you’d like to send a set amount of money every month or you prefer supporting the mission on an annual basis, the decision is entirely yours! 

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OLR Services for Girls in Honduras

If you are interested in staying up-to-date with Our Little Roses, follow along with our blog to catch updates as they come. We thank you in advance for making 2020 the best year yet for the girls of Honduras. We hope to hear from you!