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REST learning center designed to meet the living and learning needs of children in Honduras.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a day where “Four Wheel Christians” can fully participate. Actually, we all can take part in praising and blessing the Lord together with a multitude of disciples as Jesus passes riding his colt. For sure you and I would have liked to be one of those in that admiring crowd but definitely not some of those who once were in that welcoming crowd but only a few days later shouted “Crucify him” when asked by Pontius Pilate. 

I always say that the problem with many Christians is that they are only “Four Wheel Christians” like those who ride to their baptism, ride to Easter service, ride to Christmas service and then ride to their funeral. 

Holy Week has begun and Lent is now behind us. We completed our annual house cleaning, a kind of spring training for life. We leave the ashes behind and take the palms to welcome our Lord. It may look like an easy and happy ending to the Gospel story but we know that it ends in a sacrifice. We also know that in his death we find eternal life.

Our girls at Our Little Roses take this time of Holy Week to rejoice and celebrate a few days of vacation that will be followed by the celebration of Maundy Thursday, the solemn remembrance of Christ dying on the cross walking the Stations of the Cross,  meditating and resting on the Holy Sabbath and then rejoicing in our Lord’s resurrection Easter Sunday –  crowning the cross with flowers. 

I invite you to praise God rejoicing with your palms, welcoming our Lord into your lives and be willing to serve him by serving others. Our Lord summons you to live out your life, to live out your responsibility in your encounter with others. 

During these past few weeks, I have witnessed how God has rescued several babies and very young girls by providing them shelter at Our Little Roses. Their lives will be transformed and will allow them to receive an education, food, clothing, medical care and all that is needed to prosper in life including a Christian upbringing. 

Every time you are able to support one of these young girls you are able to rescue them from a life of misery and slavery. 

Your help and love for the girls of Our Little Roses have been able to make possible the resurrection of our girls from abject poverty, abandonment and despair to a life of possibilities, to a resurrection of hope, to a transformation of their lives. Thank you for what you do and what you can still accomplish.

May God bless you!