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Shoreline Sugars, Mary Clark

Shoreline Sugars has Changed Lives

Shoreline Sugars has Changed Lives

Shoreline Sugars Boutique Co-Owner, Mary Clark, found herself in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in the Summer of 2018 on a trip that seemed to be divinely mapped out.  Mary visited Our Little Roses, home for abused and abandoned girls, after being invited by a Cross Community Church member going on a mission trip and was changed forever.  The Co-Owner of Shoreline Sugars recounts “I was the last one in the group to book their flight, but as soon as I landed in Honduras I knew I was following what God wanted me to do.”

Shoreline Sugars, Mary Clark

Prior to arriving, Mary stated she was nervous about traveling to a different country.  “I was nervous- I didn’t know any Spanish and I also hadn’t really been out of the country before. I also didn’t know what to expect from the girls. Would they like us? Would I be any help at all? Just a thousand little insecurities running through my head, but as soon as I saw that first little girl’s smile, it all disappeared.”

Mary’s fears turned into a lasting relationship with Our Little Roses!  From sharing personal memories to friends and family, to now advocating for Our Little Roses on her social media accounts, Mary has spread the word of what OLR can and has been doing for young girls in Honduras.  “I always tell people that I left my heart in Honduras. These girls are so joyful, despite the circumstances that brought them to the home. It makes you thankful for what you have and want to help change their circumstances in any way you can. It opened my eyes to not only how blessed I am, but how I could bless these little girls- whether it was my time, my support financially, or socially advocating for them.”

Shoreline sugars, mary clark

Mary and her chic boutique – Shoreline Sugars – have done just that.  On November 27, 2018, a national day of giving, Our Little Roses celebrated #GivingTuesday, a day in which millions of dollars are raised for non-profit organizations and are matched through multiple charitable foundations.  Shoreline Sugars Boutique went above and beyond as a small business on this day and donated 10% of their overall sales on #GivingTuesday to the organization Mary now advocates for, Our Little Roses!

Shoreline Sugars, Mary Clark, Painting

With this small act of kindness, Shoreline Sugars has changed lives – 72 lives to be exact!  Mary and Shoreline Sugars’ advocacy and donations are a testament to what Our Little Roses has done and continues to do over the course of 30 years – change the lives of young girls in Honduras by providing them with the basic necessities of life and a proper education.

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