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How to Participate in National Volunteer Week

April is an essential month for volunteerism, with thousands of volunteer projects and volunteer opportunities available nationwide. It is the annual celebration of National Volunteer Month and National Volunteer Week, also known as National Volunteer Appreciation Week or #NVW. This ...

Priest holding palms in his hands during Holy Week.

Holy Week Celebration Experience

All year long, there are various celebrations and special occasions that the Church officially recognizes. For example, the Christmas season is in December, and Easter takes place every April. But do you know what the week leading up to Easter is called? It's Holy Week! 

So, what ...

Christ is Risen

Easter Greetings From Bp. Leo Frade

Happy Easter!!  Alleluia!  Jesus Christ Has Risen, the Lord has risen indeed.  Over these last weeks of the Lenten season, we have shared a weekly message from the Chair of the Our Little Roses FMS Board of Directors, Bp. Leo Frade.  
On this, the holiest day of the year for ...