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The 2021 Get Moving Event with Our Little Roses

For the second year in a row, Our Little Roses is hosting its new annual event called Let’s Get Moving. Last year, the Get Moving event started as a way to bring the community together in a time when we were all forced to remain apart, in an effort to encourage everyone to stay healthy, active, and raise much-needed funds for the 60+ girls in Our Little Roses’ care. 


Since the viral outbreak of COVID-19, the pandemic made it difficult for everyone to stay active and engage socially with other people. Thanks to the Get Moving event of 2020, OLR supporters, donors, staff members, students, and family members alike were able to get together and be virtually active together. 


Whether it was biking with friends, going for a run with family members, or jumping in the pool with people they just met, the Get Moving event was a major success. Our Little Roses is continuing the tradition this year with its 2021 Let’s Get Moving event. From August 1st through September 4th, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to participate in OLR’s Get Moving virtual event! 


But what is the Get Moving event all about? And how can you participate in the 2021 virtual event? Let’s explore the details of the event with Our Little Roses. 

What is the Get Moving Event All About? 


The Get Moving 2021 event serves a wide array of purposes. For starters, the event is an excellent way to encourage people to get active, stay fit, and move their bodies – after all, physical health is an important aspect of everyone’s overall wellbeing. Even though the world is still experiencing the side effects of a viral outbreak and trying to recover from an ongoing pandemic, we still need to prioritize our physical and mental health. 


Everyone’s situation is different because various parts of the world are still experiencing more restrictions and pandemic-related effects than other areas, including Honduras. But as a whole, accommodations have had to be made in order for everyone to continue living in what is now our “new normal”. 


So, with the encouragement of the Get Moving 2021 event with Our Little Roses, people can bond over fitness-related activities on a virtual level where you can see how far your family and friends have “moved” for OLR in 4 different category maps – walking, running, cycling, and swimming. It’s a much more fun way to get active and stay fit than exercising all alone! Plus, for our more competitive supporters, it’s a fun way to see how much further you have left to complete your specific challenge map (or how far ahead of your friends and family you are)!


In addition to challenging each other to get moving and stay active, the Our Little Roses event also serves as a major fundraising opportunity for OLR. As a non-profit organization, Our Little Roses is able to help improve the lives of young girls in Honduras with the aid of donors and supporters alike and this event is no exception in helping to provide the necessary funds to keep the OLR mission and vision alive. 


Donations make up the foundation of Our Little Rose’s funding, so fundraisers like the Let’s Get Moving virtual event are an integral part of OLR’s ability to provide the core needs for girls in Honduras. 


From healthcare and housing to educational opportunities and female empowerment, the impacts of Our Little Roses on the 60+ girls who live and are cared for at the Home are undeniable. With the main goal of improving the quality of life that girls in Honduras are able to achieve, Our Little Roses incorporates the love of God and a core belief that girls deserve anything they dream about. 

How to Participate in the 2021 Get Moving Event 


To register for the Get Moving event with Our Little Roses, visit the event page and scroll to the “How Do I Get Moving?” section of the information. You’ll get to choose between four different types of movement, including walking, running, cycling, and swimming, or if you’re a bit more on the competitive side, choose to become one of our triathletes where you can run, cycle, and swim for OLR this summer! 


Once you’ve explored what these various options entail, you can move on to the “Register Here” section and fill out your information. Once you complete the registration form, go ahead and click on “Proceed” and submit your payment information before your spot is officially confirmed. 


After you pay for the event, you can expect to receive two or three emails depending on whether you’ve donated to Our Little Roses in the past. Then you can tell your friends and your family members all about your upcoming involvement in the OLR Get Moving event by creating a personalized fundraising page – after all, fundraising is a major part of this event and every penny helps further the mission of OLR


All you have to do is open the email that has your event ticket, which will also contain a link to your own fundraising page. You can utilize the features on that page to set up your page and share it with your friends or family members in a variety of ways!

What To Expect at Our Little Rose’s Get Moving Event 


At the OLR Get Moving event of 2021, you can expect to prioritize your physical health and help raise funds for a non-profit organization in Honduras. It’s a challenge, meaning you will get to partake in friendly competition with fellow Get Moving event athletes. 


You will also get to track your progress with the help of a fundraising leaderboard that all participants will be able to access throughout the event and maps that show how far you’ve moved for OLR. Expect to receive a participatory T-shirt as well as a medal thanking you for your cooperation and involvement in the 2021 Let’s Get Moving event! 

Donate to Our Little Roses Today! 


Are you interested in becoming a donor and partnering with Our Little Roses to improve the lives of young girls in Honduras? We cannot thank you enough! 


Whether you would like to commit to donating on a regular basis or you would prefer to contribute a one-time donation, your generosity is beyond appreciated. Check out our donation page to learn more about donating to Our Little Roses. 


You can also sign up as a sponsor instead. As a sponsor, you will directly benefit the life of one girl in particular. You’ll get to build a friendship with her and connect with her on an ongoing basis so that you feel involved in her life.


For those of you interested in sponsoring a girl at Our Little Roses, we have a lot of information for you to read and explore before signing up as a sponsor. We look forward to hearing from you and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We’re happy to help!