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Our little rose's mission is to bring Honduran girls closer to God's love.

Third Sunday of Lent

On this third Sunday of Lent Jesus tells the story of a fig tree that was planted in a vineyard. The owner of the field comes looking for figs but he finds none. He gets upset and complains to the gardener reminding him that for 3 years this fig tree has produced nothing. The owner then orders the gardener to cut it down so the soil can be used for good.

But the gardener asks for one more year for this unproductive tree to survive. The gardener invites the owner for patience and forgiveness. That unproductive barren fig tree continues to live by grace for one more year.

Jesus is the gardener and by sharing this story he reminds us that he didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save the world.

Our Lord forgives and counsels forgiveness, even from the cross. The fig tree is spared but notice what the gardener says to the owner: “You may cut it down but I know that with proper care your fig tree will put out fruit next year. The gardener is confident, the methods for tree care are simple and efficient.

My dear brothers and sisters, please know that like trees, souls flourish with basic care. Our Lord Jesus is the master gardener that will show us the way. With his guidance, we will not fail to yield good fruit.

These 40 days of Lenten discipline is Christ’s opportunity for us to do a little gardening and with proper care of our souls we will put out good fruit. Jesus is reminding us that we live under his word of forgiveness, to feed our roots with his own body and blood.

Our souls need care here in God’s garden, this world that God loves so much needs us to share his message of forgiveness and hope. 

Jesus is the master gardener, who when called upon, is eager to disclose how souls should be tended. Yes indeed, Jesus the master gardener will show us the way and with his guidance, we will not fail to yield good fruit.