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Ways to Empower Women and Girls Everyday

March is National Women’s History month, making it the perfect time to reflect on your own efforts to champion females. In a world where girls and women are often marginalized in first-world countries, we know that the life of a girl in an underdeveloped country is oftentimes much worse. 

Many girls and women have stories of abuse, neglect, and even sexual offenses in their past. Focusing on them during the month of March is an essential way to honor and support those women in our lives who are so important. Learn about ways to support woman empowerment and girls every day with these tips:


Become an Advocate for Female Empowerment

God put you in your current community for a reason. While you may have a large stage with plenty of people who follow you on social media or have access to a wide audience across the world, some others may only have a few people within their social circle. Wherever you are, consider standing up and becoming an advocate for the equal rights of women. Helping to shed light on women’s issues to just one person can mean a lot in the grand scheme of things.

Becoming an advocate is often a quieter thing than many people realize. You can start to speak up for equal rights for women by looking around your own home. Stopping any kind of degrading or incorrect talk about women in your personal sphere of influence is a great place to start. This could even be a reflection into your heart about what you think and feel about women. From there, you can move on to speaking up for women in your neighborhood and spreading awareness about inequalities and getting active in the advancement for women’s empowerment.


Support Women-Owned Businesses

Keep an eye out for businesses owned and run by women. Female-owned and operated businesses are everywhere, from small to large companies and there are many resources to help you find them in your area.  Actions speak louder than words, and how you spend your hard-earned cash speaks volumes. and is an important part of empowering women. When you support a local business run by a woman, you are directly supporting your own community.  According to the Women-Owned website, “Studies show women reinvest up to 90 percent of their income in their families and communities, compared to 40 percent for men.”. Purchasing and supporting local, women-owned businesses are a great investment and directly empowers women.


Invest in a Girl’s Education

There are many inequalities in access to education for girls around the world. While many females in our country have access to the same kind of educational pursuits, girls in other countries receive fewer opportunities or are denied access to education altogether. Investing in a girl’s education can change the trajectory of her life and directly impact generations to come. When you help sponsor a girl’s education, even if it’s just one girl, you help change the world.


Show Up for Women’s Events

While it is good to support women’s events in your area, we aren’t just talking about conferences here. Many high school, college, and professional sports offer teams for both men and women. However, the women’s games are often much less attended and championed. Show up and buy a ticket for these events to help spread awareness for these women athletes. Not only will you be supporting women on the playing field, but it also helps show others that women are just as powerful and entertaining in sport as men. Bring along female family members and friends to grow the cause as well.


Encourage Girls of Any Age

The world is always trying to tell women and girls what is and isn’t appropriate. One way that you can support women’s empowerment is to encourage them to do what God created them to do. If a girl wants to pursue a male-dominated profession, encourage her to follow her dream. If an older woman is considering going back to school to change her career, support her in the daunting task of making such a big life change. A little encouragement goes a long way when it comes to speaking into the lives of women and girls alike.  


Volunteer to be a Mentor or Coach

Do you have a sport that you love or some other hobby that you excel at?  Volunteering with local youth sports teams or clubs in your area could be a very impactful way to support the girls in your community. Consider volunteering to help lead these programs that feature girls’ leagues or interests. Use your own gifts and talents to pour into the hearts and minds of young girls in your community. Check your local library for club ideas or the parks and recreation department for volunteer opportunities. Other ways to mentor a young girl involve volunteering at local schools to read with children or help around the school. Finding a community program like Big Brothers, Big Sisters is also a great way to start your journey to mentoring a child.


Champion Current Events

History is happening right in front of our very eyes! The world is changing and it is exciting to see how women are moving up in places of power all around the globe. Politics aside, we can all agree that seeing women in high political positions, in our own country and others, is refreshing and provides so much hope. Help to champion these current events that feature firsts for women. Stand up to others in society when they cut down or disregard the amazing feats that women have made in recent years. 

There are many easy ways to support women and girls around the world. Not only is it good to support women in your local community, but championing women in other countries helps as well. Our Little Roses works to empower, encourage, and educate young girls in Honduras who are often separated from their families and need a way out of situations of trauma. Supporting the mission of Our Little Roses helps support generations of girls who may otherwise not have the opportunity to learn and support themselves.

For more information about how you can support woman empowerment through Our Little Roses, contact them today!