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Where Do Donations Go? Find Out in Our Annual Report

After Our Little Roses celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018, it was time to look back on the tremendous impact of Dr. Diana Frade’s vision and the hard work of staff and volunteers. In our nonprofit annual report, we’ve pulled together the story of how your donations support the mission of Our Little Roses. In case you haven’t read the full report, let’s walk through some of the highlights. 

What Does Our Little Roses Do?

First, let’s talk about the services we provide to our girls through your donations. These fall under the umbrella of program expenses in our annual budget.

Full-time Residential Home

Our Little Roses provides a nurturing, healthy environment for 60+ girls aged 10 months to 26 years old. Our staff lovingly guides each child, helping them to overcome their often traumatic past. In addition to a safe home, we provide healthy meals, clothing, and lots of fun activities to enrich their lives.


Every child receives the highest quality education, as this is the cornerstone of Our Little Roses. We take into account each girls’ educational level and place them in the best classes that suit her needs. This could include:

  • Holy Family Bilingual School (HFBS) – This serves both the girls of OLR as well as children from the local community. 
  • Madre Maria Luisa Private Catholic School – This school serves younger students who are not yet ready for a fully bilingual curriculum.
  • Special Education – Mi Rincón is a special education school located directly inside the home for those with learning difficulties.
  • After School English as a Second Language (ESL) Program – This is offered for all the girls who do not attend bilingual school. 


We provide medical and dental care to each girl upon arrival and throughout their stay at Our Little Roses. Due to the generosity of our donors, we were able to build an off-site health clinic that provides the community with affordable, quality healthcare and psychological care for both the girls and local residents. 

Poetry Fellowship

Through the art of poetry, the girls of Our LIttle Roses are able to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. Since 2014, we’ve hosted seven poets from around the world.

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Every child at Our Little Roses receives a safe, loving home, high-quality education, nutritious food, clothing, healthcare, and plenty of fun.

Where Do Donations Go?

As you’d expect, the majority of your donations go toward the program expenses described above. This makes up 62% of our budget. The chart below provides a breakdown of the major categories. We also prudently hold back a reserve of 16% for future program costs. The remaining funds cover administrative and marketing/fundraising expenses, which are 15% and 7% respectively. 

Above is a breakdown of Our Little Roses’ total disbursements.  62% of disbursements are used for program expenses, outlined in the chart below. 16% of our disbursements are reserved for future program expenses, 15% are used for administrative expenses, and 7% are dedicated to marketing and fundraising expenses.

Where Do Donations Go? Find Out in Our Annual Report

A breakdown of Our Little Roses’ program expenses, which make up 62% of our Disbursements. “Home” refers to housing, staff, food, clothing, education, healthcare, and other miscellaneous care. “Auxiliary Ministries” refers to the Holy Family Bilingual School, Guest Services, Apartments, Retreat Center, and the Daycare.

What’s the Impact?

Now, let’s get to the most important part – how our programs have made an impact. A story from our Chair, Bishop Leopold Frade, captures it best:

Let me tell you about Francis who came to Our Little Roses with her two older sisters. When Francis arrived, she was a shy 2-year old girl willing to work hard, who today is the coordinator of our home in San Pedro Sula. This achievement came through Francis’ own hard work and dedication. She attended our bilingual Holy Family School, graduated and then received her undergraduate degree at the university. She was hired to teach at Holy Family Bilingual School and at the same time continued her education, quickly earning a Master’s Degree in School Psychology.

Francis will now nurture the next generation of girls to be empowered, resilient, and ready to lead.

Lastly, let’s look at a few statistics that summarize Our Little Roses’ successes not only in the lives of our girls but in their communities. We understand that it takes a holistic approach to ensure a safe, healthy future once they leave our home.

Ensuring a Better Future Through Education

  • 99% of girls graduate high school versus the Honduran national average of 25-65% (based on region)
  • 26% went on to graduate from vocational, technical or military schools 
  • 20% went on to graduate from college, compared to the Honduran national average of 10%
  • 31% of those who graduate college go on to pursue graduate degrees

Improving the Local Economy/Community

  • 86% of our alumni live and work in the local community
  • Of the 225 total students enrolled at HFBS, 23 girls from Our Little Roses attend, while 202 students come from the local community
  • 2,004 patients, both from Our Little Roses and the community, were seen at Clinica Sagrada Familia
  • Mission Teams increase local revenue by approximately $70,000 while in country

Let’s make sure Our Little Roses can do even more in 2019! There are so many ways to help.

You can look forward to reading our next nonprofit annual report, knowing you played a role in transforming a girl’s life.