Join the Ambassadors Council Where You Will
Empower a Young Girl to Achieve Her Dreams!

Join the Ambassadors Council Where You Will
Empower a Young Girl to Achieve Her Dreams!

Change a life. Create a legacy.
Know you are making the world better.
Become a member of the Ambassadors Council.

The Ambassadors Council supports Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society through fundraising and outreach. The Council works closely with the Board of Directors to secure the necessary funds used to expand the Mission’s ability to house, educate and care for at-risk girls in Honduras. Ultimately, we help empower girls and young women to become confident, independent, and successful adults.

Join Us In Our Mission!

The Ambassadors Council is a group of people in different professions, living all over the country who share a passion for the work of Our Little Roses Ministries – empowering and transforming the lives of at-risk girls in Honduras through education and love.

As representatives of Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society, AC members spread the word about OLR and assist in the organization’s fundraising efforts. Excited to give their time, AC members work together, utilizing their individual talents to help reach our goals.

Ambassadors Council members have access to networking and meaningful relationship-building opportunities with other leaders within the ministry, including the Board of Directors.

What We Do

The Ambassadors Council meets monthly on a virtual basis. At these meetings AC members connect and are kept informed on what is happening in Honduras, given access to various professional training opportunities and supplied with many tools and resources.

All of the above is to prepare and equip our members for the real work which is done between meetings. That’s when we roll up our sleeves and use our time and talents to:

  • Connect with new and existing supporters through thank you calls and letters.
  • Conduct outreach within our local networks.
  • Search out opportunities to make presentations in our communities.
  • Assist with special events.
  • Develop and/or support local, regional, and national fundraising efforts such as the Let’s Get Moving Campaign.
  • Assist the Board of Directors on projects such as our annual report and other Development initiatives.

A True Commitment To A Better World…

Ambassadors Council Members Commit to:

  • Making Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society a personal philanthropic priority.
  • The goal of securing a minimum of $3,000 in donations through personal resources, implementing fund-raising programs, and/or cultivating donor relationships.

It is important to us that our ambassadors have the opportunity to have first-hand knowledge of Our Little Roses Ministries and that we make opportunities available to develop a deep sense of community. With this in
mind, and as your circumstances allow, we hope you will also commit to:

  • Visiting Our Little Roses Ministries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras at least once, if not more frequently, with a member of our Board of Directors or as part of a mission group. This trip is invaluable as a means of keeping well-informed on existing programs as well as future needs while experiencing Honduran culture first-hand.
  • Attend our yearly October Board of Directors gathering in Miami, Florida.*

*We highly encourage these visits but understand there may be extenuating circumstances for some individuals.

OLRFMS Ambassadors Council
Leadership Board

Lawrence Mazuchowski

Christopher Cooper

Sarah DeCamps

Dr. Frederick Dawson
Young Professionals President

Reverend Nelson (Rocky) Dworak
Parish Outreach

OLRFMS Ambassadors Council
General Members

Mary Cary Peterson

Kim Morris

Michael Sexton

Blanca Famdas

Melissa Von Stade

Kirsten Matsumoto

Maggie Fischer

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