Join Our Little Roses by making an impact <br> in your local area and in San Pedro Sula

Join Our Little Roses by making an impact
in your local area and in San Pedro Sula

Kick-Start your Network with the
OLRFMS Young Professionals

The Our Little Roses Young Professional Group strives to build a national network of passionate
professionals actively committed to advancing the needs of Our Little Roses Ministries.

It is the mission of the Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society Young Professionals (OLRFMSYP) to connect young adults from across the country who have a shared passion for Our Little Roses Ministries and lasting commitment through OLRFMS. Members of the OLRFMS YP work to promote and support Our Little Roses by focusing on fundraising, outreach, and recruitment as well as sharing professional experiences with the girls and alumnae of Our Little Roses.

Through this network, the OLRFMS YP will provide new generations of committed young adults to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for Our Little Roses Ministries and OLRFMS as well as providing tangible opportunities for demonstrating active participation and leadership potential to the Board of Directors.

No project is too ambitious nor leader too young, with the OLRFMS Young Professionals, we encourage compassionate humanitarians to join us from the ages of 14-35. Whether you’ve visited Our Little Roses or not, the Young Professionals is a group of passionate individuals who care deeply about changing the world for the better – starting at OLR.

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The OLRFMS Young Professionals Group started during one of the most challenging years Our Little Roses Ministries has faced – 2020. Navigating through a global pandemic the OLRFMS YP group set out with a vision to build a national network committed to advocating for and advancing the needs of OLR by making it a philanthropic priority.

The OLRFMS Young Professionals have made it a yearly mission to conduct annual trips to Our Little Roses in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in an effort to connect with, encourage, and support the youth of Our Little Roses Ministries.


OLRFMS Young Professionals
Leadership Board

Dr. Frederick Dawson,

Ceciry Rodriguez
Co-Vice President

Grace Di Zeo
Co-Vice President

Dr. Julia Dawson

Tyler Ells
Fundraising Chair

Parker Ells
Outreach Co-Chair

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