Education is the Cornerstone of Our Little Roses

Education is the Cornerstone of Our Little Roses

Education helps girls and young women defy social limits on what they can or cannot do.

Educating girls is one of the fastest and most effective ways of promoting economic development and is the key to ending poverty and injustice towards women.

When girls are given equal access to quality education and are supported to reach their potential, they can literally change the world.

Having access to basic schooling has a significant impact on a girl’s earning potential, allowing her to escape the cycle of poverty. An educated female population increases a country’s productivity and fuels economic growth. Some countries lose more than $1 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same level as boys.

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Holy Family Bilingual School

Holy Family Bilingual School had very humble beginnings.

It was started by OLR when our founder Diana Frade realized that there were many young girls whose education could be maximized in a bilingual school. However, it was too expensive to send them all to a private school…” so we started our own”. HFBS originally operated unofficially as a nursery school using volunteers during the summer months. Soon thereafter HFBS received the required credentials to add elementary grade levels and operate as a school.

It did not take Diana long to recognize a need and a responsibility to become actively engaged in the San Pedro Sula community and make the school available to the local children. Holy Family Bilingual School is now an integral part of the community. Beginning with our new Daycare and Preschool classes and continuing through High School, our students receive the highest level of academics available.  

Holy Family Bilingual School is available to the children in the comm and Our Little Roses girls who have the ability to succeed with the rigorous curriculum. Currently, there are 259 co-ed students from the community and 22 girls from Our Little Roses enrolled. HFBS graduated its first senior class in June 2013.

HFBS is reaching new academic milestones with the addition of Kirsten Axell Matsumoto, our English Studies Coordinator. Kirsten brings expertise in many areas including Positive Discipline and Trauma Informed Care.  

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Special Education
The Ethlyn & Frank Byrd English as a Second Language Program
Madre Maria Luisa K-11
Instituto Tecnologico Sampedrano

Educational Partners

Our Little Roses is committed to providing each girl with the educational opportunities best suited for her personal needs. Upon arrival, the girl is assessed and placed in the program that will benefit her. Some of our girls attend Holy Family Bilingual School (HFBS) located on the OLR campus. HFBS has a very rigorous bilingual curriculum for students in Pre-first through 11th grade (the Honduras school system ends at 11th grade).

Many of our girls are better suited for other schools that are not bilingual like HFBS but still provide an excellent education. The girls who attend a school that do not offer a bilingual education are enrolled in an alternative program or school like Madre Maria Luisa – a Catholic private school with a lovely campus not far from our Home. 

The Ethlyn & Frank Byrd English as a Second Language Program is our in-house ESL program run by one of Holy Family Bilingual Schools’ certified teachers. The program teaches English through play and is having amazing success. Started by a mission team from St. James Episcopal Church in Hendersonville, NC, the ESL Program continues to evolve and is now named for two of St. James’ late members and avid supporters of OLR, Ethlyn and Frank Byrd.  If you would like to help support this important program Click here!

Educational Statistics

R.E.S.T. Center Residential Educational Center for University and Technical Careers

The R.E.S.T. (Residence for University and Technical Education) Program is a scholarship for girls who have graduated from high school.

Post-secondary educational opportunities to career-oriented graduates demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of each of our young women, whether they choose to apply to the local universities, a trade school, or a technical school.

In Honduras, legally, the Ministry of Nuestras Pequeñas Rosas is responsible for our girls until 18 years of age. However, over the years, several of our young women asked that we accommodate their academic pursuits beyond high school. We responded by beginning our higher education program twenty-six years ago. This became our R.E.S.T. program at its current location on the second floor of Our Little Roses in 2017.

To be considered for the R.E.S.T. Program participants must meet several criteria. They must have graduated high school with a cumulative record of 70% or higher. They complete a letter of intent, have an interview with our staff, and take entrance exams to the local universities.

Once accepted, participants are provided with safe transportation, a laptop computer and cell phone, room and board, and invaluable assistance in navigating their college experience and career prospects. They receive spending money and a savings account so that when they leave the Program they have money for initial living expenses. In return, they must meet academic requirements, comply with house rules, and volunteer in the Our Little Roses community several hours per week.

The young women in R.E.S.T. are at least 18 years old and therefore considered adults, with all inherent rights and responsibilities. Should a participant choose to leave the program before graduating from her higher education program, the Ministry Nuestras Pequeñas Rosas will assist her in finding a job and a place to stay. She will start her new life with the savings she has accrued during her Program participation. University graduates enjoy the same benefits upon leaving, as well as an additional stipend.


Career Options

Over the last 36 years we have witnessed many of our girls reach their goals by graduating from high school and for some, attaining a higher education. Here are just a few of the careers they have chosen

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Cultural Identity Education Program

The Center for Cultural Identity is an integral part of how we educate the girls. The Center’s focus is to make available a wide range of extra-curricular activities for the girls so their lives are well rounded. We are very excited with one of our newest programs designed to expose the rich history and sites of Honduras.

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Spanish Immersion Program

Our Little Roses Language School is designed for serious students who want to learn Spanish by immersing them in the Honduran culture. The program specializes in tailoring Spanish instruction to the needs and wishes of students, with emphasis on language for clergy, medical, mission and social service professionals. Students live and learn within a total immersion environment at Our Little Roses. Study packages include room, board and instruction.

Classes with lodging on the OLR campus
  • 1 week = $599.00
  • 2 weeks = $1,048.00
  • 3 weeks = $1,497.00
  • 4 weeks = $1,996.00
  • 5 weeks = $2,365.00

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You will have ample opportunity to practice:

  • Cooking with the ladies in the kitchen while learning traditional Honduran recipes
  • With our on-site wood carving instructor
  • On trips to the local market
  • With the girls who live at Our Little Roses and staff at the home and at Holy Family Bilingual School
  • With Fr. Gustavo, OLR full-time Chaplain

We encourage our students to use the weekend to get to know our beautiful country and visit famous areas such as Pulhapanzak, the Mayan Ruins, the Bay Islands, Lake Yojoa, Puerto Cortes, and the North Coast beaches. All of these places are easy to visit on the weekend or you may use the weekend to participate in activities at the school or with Our Little Roses girls and staff.

We are happy to customize your time here in order to maximize your learning.

Download your application here: OLR Spanish Immersion Student Application

Once you have completed your application return it either by email or mailed to Our Little Roses Spanish Immersion, PO Box 530947, Miami Shores, FL 33153-0947.

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