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Every Girl At Our Little Roses Has A Past, And More Importantly, A Future.

Every Girl At Our Little Roses Has A Past, And More Importantly, A Future.

Girls’ Home

Our Little Roses provides a full-time residential home for abused, abandoned and neglected girls in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We are dedicated to transforming girls with broken lives into productive, joyful, educated women. Honduras, once referred to as the “Murder capital of the world” is often a terrifying environment filled with immense crime and extreme poverty. The girls we rescue come from overwhelming situations of abject poverty, physical or sexual abuse, abandonment and oppression. They are infants, toddlers, young girls and teenagers who have no control over their lives. They are defenseless, afraid and many times, alone. This is where we come in.

For over 30 years, Our Little Roses has rescued these frightened girls from extreme risk and cared for, raised and educated them in a safe, secure and loving home. For most, it may be the first time they receive a balanced diet, medical and dental care, spiritual formation, a chance to attend school, and perhaps most importantly, love and respect. The vision of Our Little Roses is to prepare these once frightened, destitute, and hungry girls to be integral members of society by raising them in an atmosphere of love, self-reliance and respect. With a focus on ensuring that every girl receives the best educational opportunities available, our girls are equipped with the skills necessary to break the generational cycle of poverty, abuse and illiteracy from which they came. Through the love and support of our donors, they are safe, they are loved, and they can live their lives as God intended, as strong, educated, joyful women.

REST Center

Many of our girls who graduate from high school go on to pursue extended education opportunities such as technical school, trade school, college or university in order to enhance their learning and reach their goals. The REST Center is a dedicated onsite living-learning center designed to meet the daily living and study needs of those girls. At the REST Center, the young women working on their post-secondary education can continue to live in a safe, loving community while participating in a “work-study” program at the home. They are able to earn money by helping the younger girls with homework, or by working with our special education teacher or at Holy Family Bilingual School as teaching assistants or with our Tias helping with the daily care of the girls. This program is designed to teach these young women how to manage their finances, manage and maintain their shared living space, and to develop the time management skills needed to become essential and functioning members of society. At the Rest Center these young women learn how to care for themselves and the other girls who live with them.

Through its sponsorship and scholarship programs, Our Little Roses continues to support these girls throughout their educational process. The goal is to empower the girls to be responsible, self-reliant and independent so that once they achieve their educational goals they will be agents of change for themselves, their community and the future of Honduras.

Center for Cultural Identity

Our Little Roses Ministries is committed to helping our girls acquire a holistic education that goes far beyond the classroom. We believe that every child should have the chance to learn new and exciting ways to live, to express themselves and to find joy.

We have a many extra curricular programs available for our girls that include ballet, woodworking, English classes for girls who do not attend Holy Family Bilingual School, arts and crafts and more.

Our newest goal is to help our girls to get to know the beautiful side of their country. Honduras is full of natural beauty…Jacques Cousteau claimed that the reef is second only to the Great Barrier Reef. Two of our REST Center girls had the chance to visit the Bay Islands and learn how to scuba dive! Click here to find out how you can sponsor a Cultural Identity Trip!

Teaching our girls the history of Honduras is an important part of our work. Honduras Heritage Day is a big event at OLR!

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