It is only through donations and sponsorships that we are able to provide medical and dental care to the community and beyond

Access to healthcare is unfortunately hard to come by for most Honduran citizens. Due to the generosity of our donors, we were able to build an off-site health clinic that provides the community with affordable, quality healthcare for both the girls and local residents. Medical and dental mission teams frequently collaborate with the clinic staffs to schedule medical mission trips into the most impoverished and remote areas in and around San Pedro Sula and the retreat center in Petoa.

Medical Clinic

Dr. Antonio Perez Averhoff (Dr. Tony) along with Dorotea Garcia Madrid (Nurse) see approximately 200 community members a month and provide them with the help they need. These two have been extremely passionate and devoted to running a health center that is able to assist the girls and locals with all of their medical needs.

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Dental Clinic

Dental care is out of reach for the families in San Pedro Sula living in abject poverty. Our Little Roses works in collaboration with an Our Little Roses alumni, who is now a Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jensy.

When Jensy and her sister arrived at Our Little Roses Jensy had never been to a dentist and had severe dental issues. She remembers how Dona Diana took her to a dentist who was a woman and how sweet and gentle she was. Jensy was one of the first girls in the home to have braces. From an early age she knew this is what she wanted to do when she grew up!

Dr. Jensy is committed to the dental care of our girls and the community while also teaching at the university and running her own practice in San Pedro Sula.

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Medical Mission Teams - Making A Difference

Over the years we have had many wonderful volunteers visit and share their expertise with the girls at Our Little Roses and wider community in San Pedro Sula and the surrounding area. The need is great but the reward is greater!

“On our first mission, in the fall of 2016, we did not know what to expect. We felt a bit anxious and wondered if anyone would even show up at our free medical clinic for children. And then, on our very first morning, we were amazed at the long line of mothers waiting with their children needing medical help. Some of them had walked miles and others waited in the sun for hours until we could examine and treat all of them. The next day was a repeat of the first day and the lines continued. We treated the children for parasites, infections, respiratory illnesses and other sicknesses. And distributed many bottles of children’s vitamins and other medical supplies.

Yes, they are the ‘poorest of the poor.’ But each mother loves her child as we love our children and wants the best for her child. With God’s help, our medical mission will continue to grow. Recently, in September, 2017, we were blessed with two additional dedicated volunteers and a second doctor who committed to give of their gifts that God has freely given to them. This latest trip was even more successful than the first; over 350 children and babies were examined and treated in a five-day period.”

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